Chiron Goes Retrograde

Chiron, the wounded healer goes Retrograde in Aries July 14, 2022 – December 23, 2022. Chiron is an asteroid (rather than planet) that holds our deepest wounds. Chiron’s transit in early spring created chaos in my life attached to my deepest wounds. I knew it was coming, but I couldn’t anticipate how it would show […]

The 1/3 Permission Slip

I had another HD reading last week with Lara from Aura Minerals. Lara is a gem and her Human Design Codex is nothing short of outstanding. There’s literally more information in there for me to chew on than there was in the “training manual” from my first human design course (there are so many people […]

Journal updates

Apologies to those that receive automatic emails on my journal updates – I have been publishing posts that were collecting dust in my drafts. I can’t figure out how to publish without the reader alert. If it’s annoying, feel free to unsubscribe and resubscribe in a couple of weeks ūüôā ‚̧ Terra

Mother’s Day

Today on this Mother‚Äôs Day 2022 my wish is for the individual and collective mother wound to be healed. For all, regardless of gender. Today, on this Mother‚Äôs Day 2022, I will continue to doing this work, to heal, to grow and to continue to open my eyes, follow the priestess path, welcome the divine […]

Healing Meanderings

My HD training starts next week. This blog will likely turn into a brain dump of ponderings, healing meanderings and baggage unpacks. Proceed with caution. I‚Äôm still in the thick of it. My waves are mostly consistent. But the lows hurt more these days. Aside from my love, I feel wholly alone and unsupported. The […]

Personal Mission Statements

I’ve written and rewritten mission statements for myself since college. They’ve evolved as I’ve grown through varying passions and interests and geographic locations, but have been thematically consistent. ¬† A few months ago, I was digging through old Evernote files and I found the latest version, It was written in 2016, just after I divorced, […]

Red Mavens and Harlots

(transcription from the Red Podcast by Elayne Kailia) “This power that lives inside of us, that is held archetypally by the Red Maven, by the harlots and the whores, and the harems, is an energy of transmutation… what it means is that yes, our bodies as women have been coded to carry physical babies, to […]

Emotional Bypassing

if you can’t sit with me in my pain, how can we dance together in the glow of joy?

Love without Limits

For the past few weeks I have been looking into where I have been loved with limits and when I have placed limitations on love. It‚Äôs deep introspective work, and hard to unearth the vulnerabilities. There‚Äôs a variable line to which the limitation applies and when I‚Äôm vulnerable, hurt and broken, the line is short, […]

The Responsibility to Heal

I am so grateful for the universal shift towards the divine feminine. Our cosmic mother had been forgotten for such a long time waiting in the shadows to nurture us again. It‚Äôd so important for everyone in this life, here and now to heal the mother wound. I‚Äôve been walking the path of ancestral healing […]

Patchwork of Mastery

Since this weekend’s download, I have been contemplating what it means to step into my mastery. I’ve started blog posts on my non-traditional resume, my patterns, my certificates..none of which have quite made it far enough to publish. ¬†There’s so much there, to weave together, that is unseeingly related yet inexplicably intertwined. I am meant […]

Shift Happens

It’s 2am and I my sacral energy will not slow down. I am experiencing what it means to be a Generator and completely and totally in the flow. I have felt this before, but never so acutely, never with the ability to acknowledge it to feel it. To fucking know it’s real. It may be a slow burn, but Shift Happens.

The pattern on repeat…

There is a wound cycle in my life that I believed I had moved through. I thought the pattern had been taken off repeat. I thought I was making progress in the healing journey. I mean, I am making progress. We’re all just doing our best! Healing isn’t a straight line, most people think it’s […]

Strategy and Authority

Making decisions based upon your body‚Äôs intelligence is essential for life‚Äôs success, regardless of how you define it. Get out of your head and into your design.  I have a defined solar plexus, which is where my authority live. The solar plexus authority operates by an emotional wave that cycles through hope and pain (joy […]


I’ve been searching for roots for what seems like forever. Seeking it in locations, community, history, tradition, most of which was never my own. I come from a very long line of colonizers. My roots are diluted and stolen. As the descendent of oppressors I am both privilege and lost. My commitment today, the day […]

Today is a National Day of Mourning

Everyone around me is celebrating Thanksgiving. This morning my love and I are dreaming of what our Wild & Unruly homestead would look like, and what we can do to help heal this land. We have deep gratitude for for the chosen and blood family in our lives, our ability to travel (explore, see phish) […]

Evolution of a Generator

Before I found #humandesign and understood what it meant to be a 1/3 Generator, I thought I was an ADHD failure. I thought when things got hard, I just ran or uprooted myself entirely. I am writing this for myself. To remind myself of where I come from, where I’ve gone, what I’ve  learned, what I ignored, […]

Does your yoga career need some love?

I know – I haven’t updated in a bit…but that’s because I have been doing some serious behind the scenes shit! ¬†First – my new website is finally¬†LIVE!¬†There are still a few things that need to be adjustedThis blog will be migrating over there soon, so make sure you update your feed and add yourself […]

People will steal your shit.

Holy fucking breaking news Batgirl!! Alanna Kaivalya says in her Manhattan Supreme Court suit that Wanderlust Festivals strung her along for four months just to get insight into her training methods. Last week I blogged about TM and Copyright…..and a few weeks before that I blogged about Covering Your Asana with legal agreements . I’ve […]

Yoga Insurance: What, Why, How and Who

Insurance is sexy. ¬†Naw, not really. ¬†Not losing the mat from under your feet because you got sued is sexy. So yeah. Let’s talk about a dull, possibly annoying maybe even scary subject, insurance! Yoga teachers expose themselves to all sorts of liabilities every time we step on our mats and guide people in the […]


Trademarking and Patenting yoga is a yuckie conversation to have and while I don’t arrogantly believe that 26 postures can be patented, trademarking is something that you absolutely should start think¬†as a professional business owner.¬†¬†First, grab a little background information on the distinction between ¬†‚Äúexercises, including yoga exercises, do not constitute the subject matter Congress […]

In Yo Face Friday

Sometimes. Ok that’s a lie MOST times I do too much. 100 different things and people on my to do list. I know I AM a super woman, but I don’t have to BE a super woman 24-7. It’s important to slow down and just fucking breathe.

WTF should I post?

R 3 Tricks for Building an Active Facebook Following¬† Building a following on Facebook can be a challenge for lots of yoga teachers and studios¬†because they’re not sure of the most effective ways to engage users and grow¬†their tribe. Businesses with successful Facebook Pages use some key strategies to keep their fan base active and […]

Cover Your Asana

So you finished your teacher training and you’re ready to dive into teaching yoga full time. This is your dharma. You’re doing what you love and loving what you do. You’ve perfected your craft. You’re certified and licensed. You might even open a studio. You’re living the yoga teacher dream. Your classes are full. You’re […]

Using Facebook Groups

Last week I dipped my big toe into the Facebook pool. ¬†Today I want to talk about FB Groups and how they should (and shouldn’t) be utilized. There are huge differences between FB pages and FB Groups. “A Page is meant to be more of a broadcasting platform one-to-many (though obviously you should be engaging […]

Facebook 101 Series

This month I am going to talk a little bit about Facebook. It’s not the first time. It probably won’t be my last. ¬†Facebook posts always seem to garner lots of responses. I think it’s because many¬†yoga teachers and studios owners are either Facebook averse or they’re not utilizing it to their advantage. It’s time […]

In Yo Face Friday

Sometimes¬†I feel bogged down. Juggling too many balls. Life gets in the way. I get in my own way. ¬†It’s hard. Running a business is hard. Having a job is hard. being a wife is hard. ¬†Life can be hard. ¬†You know what makes it easier, I mean, besides a personal assistant? ¬†Gratitude. ¬†And when […]

In Yo Face Friday

I believe in putting action behind your mantra. In the non-yoga world that’s called putting your money where your mouth is. When I first started digging into yoga, reiki, the metaphysical, the law of attraction, abundance, manifestation and all the other new age¬†goodness,¬†I lost the type-a hustler in me. I had extreme faith in my […]

In Yo Face Friday

This post rides on the coat tails of my goal setting series, when really it should have come first. ¬†You can’t achieve anything without dreaming of it first. ¬†Yous MUST dare to dream. ¬†Dreaming is where it all begins. ¬†The idea, the dream, the what if? The problem with adults is that we forget to […]

Awesome Sauce – Step 1

I don’t know if you guys noticed, but in last week’s blog post ¬†I left you with 4 steps to take to define your own Awesome Sauce. I left that little nugget in the last paragraph of the post. ¬†If you missed it, don’t worry, I’m about to dig deep, step by step. Step 1: […]

Own It.

Yup, the hiatus is over. It’s time for In Yo Face Friday. Today I want to talk about¬†owning it. Owning who you are and what you do with every ounce of your being. ¬†Stop shying away from your perceived flaws. ¬†For a long time, the yogini in me was ashamed of the lawyer in me. […]

Ya wanna buy some bliss?

Selling Yoga: Part II Yoga or a Coach Bag Google up Yoga + Sales Culture and some not so amazing stuff comes up. The sunglasses and killer Ralph Lauren Palazzo pants I bought last week could have been a ten class pack or a 3 month membership at the studio I visited for the first […]

6 Easy Peasy Ways to Tell your Online Story

Stories matter. Especially in health care. Let‚Äôs take a look at how you can tell your stories digitally. Because sharing who you really are, deep down to the core, and exposing your vulnerabilities is the key ingredient to creating connections. 1. Gather ‚Äėhappy ending‚Äô stories. Coach employees to share and listen to stories whenever they‚Äôre […]

8 Tips for Studio-Teacher Retention + Loyalty

This blog goes out to all of my studio owners out there. ¬†If you want the best studio in your area, you have to attract, fill and retain teaching talent. Pretty simple, right? Not always. ¬†Most teachers pay their bills by packing their schedule with classes taught at any number of studios. ¬†While I don’t […]

In Yo Face Friday

You guys want to help me with the tumble weeds around here? ¬†It’s the end of February and it has been almost two months since my last post. I broke the cardinal rule of blogging- you actually have to blog. Now let me take some time to provide you with the excuses. 1. Holidays. 2.¬†Frustration. […]

Stick With It!!

How to Stick to Your Goals and Stay Motivated Have you ever been working your way toward a goal that you really wanted to achieve, only to suddenly lose your way? How does that happen? When you’re working toward a goal, it’s not enough to simply want it. Even if it’s the attainment of your […]

In Yo Face Friday

Today’s inspiration is pretty simple. We all have things to give. It’s in our essence to give back. It’s up to us to make this world a better place. Give your time. Give your talent. Give your gifts. ¬†Give your compassion. Give your love. Give your hope. Spread the word. You were born to give.

Get Out Of Your Own Way

What’s Stopping You from Setting Goals? Do you have a goal that you want to achieve but something is standing in the way? I have lots of goals..and let me be honest here, 9 times out of 10 the biggest thing standing in my way is ME. ¬†If you’ve found that you’re the biggest thing […]

Failure Sucks, Dude

4 Surefire Ways to Fail at Reaching Your Goals Napoleon Hill said, ‘A goal is a dream with a deadline.’ Are you great at dreaming but not so good at attaining your goals? I could dream up business ideas and strategy for days. I literally have 100s of URLs and journals filled with the next […]

In Yo Face Friday

Sometimes it’s really scary going inside. There’s cobwebs, old memories and pain buried deep within us. ¬†Everything you need, your power, your spirit your inspiration, your intuition. ¬†It’s all inside you. You just have to dig deep. ¬†If you have a pile of shit to dig through, grab a shovel. If you need help, reach […]

Creating Time Frames + Being flexible in Goal Setting

To tha Tick Tock You Don’t Stop. Yes, that was a Color Me Bad reference. Stop hating. Two weeks ago we talked about S.M.A.R.T goal planning; Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented (or Achievable), Realistic, and Timely. The last is probably the most important. Your goals need a time frame because without one, you can easily spin your […]

Dream + Hustle

You can make anything happen if you know how to set goals, but they need to be realistic. This might seem like a contradiction – sort of like saying dream big but not too big. Not what I’m getting at. When we talk about goals, being realistic simply means looking at the big picture.¬†You can […]

In Yo Face Friday

It’s In Yo Face Friday, kiddos! I’m going to make a simple suggestion that’s not always easy to implement… Fuck Fitting In.¬† Don’t stuff yourself into a box of what you think you need to be. Inevitably you’ll get claustrophobic and resentful and no one likes a stuffy up-tight bitch. ¬†Your job on this planet […]

Keep it Real: Goal Planning and Taking Action

How do you achieve your the big, fat, juicy goals in your life? Just like you can’t cram a big, fat, juicy burger (or apple if you’re vegan) in your mouth in one bite, you break your BFJ goals up into smaller goals that are easier to reach. How do you reach these smaller goals? […]

Learning to Love Metrics

Staying on Track with Your Goals:¬†How to Measure Your Progress In the corporate world, uttering the word “metrics” can invoke some not so pleasant feelings. Typically they’re applied to a financial or performance outcome. If you’re ex-corporate and the word metrics¬†makes you break out in a sweat, fumble for a Xanax, hold up. Kick back […]

The Dirty Details in Goal Setting

Ever heard the expression the devil’s in the details? ¬†Yeah. I have no idea what that really means, but in goal planning in order to be achievable, goals must be specific. How can you reach a goal when you’re not sure exactly what it is? Goals need to be clear and as detailed as possible. […]

Lets go, Smarty Pants.

You can do just about anything if you know how to set goals, but most of us don’t. It takes quite a bit of planning and if you’re not a planner, it can be tough. That’s why we have the SMART method for setting goals. A SMART goal is one that is: ¬†Specific Measurable Action-oriented […]

In Yo Face Friday

Happy Friday! I’m going to try to keep this one short and sweet. For the past month my facebook feed has been blowing up with gratitude posts; #day1 #gratitude, #novembergratitude and a bazillion other hashtags that I don’t care to remember. And it pisses me off. Gratitude is not a trend. It’s not the red […]

Resolutions Suck. Goal Setting is Awesome.

Resolutions set you up for failure. Every year you may resolve to lose 20lbs, but unless you have a plan on getting there, you’re just going to feel guilty about breaking your resolution. Screw Resolutions, Set Goals. <~~~ Tweet that. Goal setting is crucial for getting what you want out of your business (and life). […]

Ready, Set, Goal

I can tell it’s almost Thanksgiving, because my Facebook feed is filled with “Day 18 – I am grateful for purple monkeys and kombucha.” [It’s awesome to see people actively expressing gratitude, but how about¬†everyday¬†instead of just 30 days in November? Join the Spreading Gratitude group on Facebook and practice daily!] ¬†The onslaught of Facebook […]

In Yo Face Friday

It’s Friday! ¬†Time to get in yo face! Today I want to talk about rules. More importantly, breaking them. Now before you start running around ¬†all willy-nilly¬†¬†breaking rules for your own convenience, that’s not what I’m talking about. Red lights are there for a reason and if you cut to the font of the Starbucks […]

Gratitude List

My husband. Holy crap. this man puts up with all of my wild and crazy ideas, my travel, my sleepless nights, comforts me when I’m sad or scared and always has a smile doing it. Stellybelly the Super Dane. The Women of the Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma at Monmouth University, for keeping […]

In Yo Face Friday

TGIF Yogini Tribe! I’m trying a little something new here. It’s called In Yo Face Friday. This is where I get spiritually provocative. It’s about inspiration. It’s about growth. It’s about putting yourself in the hot seat so you can spiritually evolve. Get out of the yoga ghetto. Pull your spiritually pretentious head outta your […]

Teasers…I Got A Whole Buncha Stuff Up My Sleeve.

Since last week I posted about to do lists, I”ll share my monster one with you today… Done, Done and Done. ¬†I am sure you did the same thing today, right? So, I’ve been dropping teasers about ‘Darshana Communications’ and ‘The Darshana Collective‘ for a while and I realize that I’ve been a little bit […]

Psycho Virgo Tendencies + Time Outs

Happy Thursday Tribe! ūüôā I have been moving at warp speed for the past month and a half. Personal life, business life, social life and work life all swirling around me like a tornado of crazy. I’m basically keeping my head on straight thanks to Christie over at¬†Jewels Branch¬†for introducing my inner psychotic Virgo to […]

5 Ways to bring in Additional Income as a Yoga Teacher

Making a living as a yoga teacher isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. It’s hard work and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just getting all bendy + flexy in the yoga room + looking awesome in your sassy Onzies – you have to actually get off your asana and hustle. ¬†This means […]

Lessons in Life, Business and Yoga

There’s something I’ve been meaning to open up about on here (and in life). Not only to get it out of my own system and release the energy, but because I know there are other people that have been there. ¬†Acknowledging this is like trying to roll a bowling ball up a hill with your […]

Finding Your Awesome-Sauce

This morning I was catching up on my ¬†Huff Post reading from last week’s vacation. Huff Post is my morning candy. I eat it up with my coffee after breakfast and before I blow dry my hair. This morning I smirked when I read the title :¬†Yoga: The New Career Path for Corporate Execs. The […]

Branding: Getting Authentic with Just One Word

I usually update my blog on Mondays or Tuesdays. ¬†There’s no hidden social media secret to this choice, ¬†I just like to let my words marinate over the week. It gives me 6 days to think about the comments posted and how to address them in the next post if I need to. Last week¬†Two […]

brand junk

Your Personality Starts with Your Mission. ¬†In life and business, you need a mission. Without it, you’re just sort of staggering around aimlessly. ¬†You’re mission is your essence. Your heart and soul. It’s what makes you swing your legs out of bed in the morning and salute the sun. BRAND STRATEGY (building a relationship with […]

Ambition & Inspiration

Last night Marianne Williamson (love her btw) posted “When we drop our ambition, we gain our inspiration” to her Facebook feed.¬† She has a huge following so naturally there were 382 shares and over 70 comments. Usually I gobble up just about everything she says. The woman is mad inspirational.¬† But this message perplexed me. […]

A new Coach Bag or Yoga?

Last month I read an eye opening post about marketing strategy + psychology on As soon as I read the opening paragraph I immediately thought “hmmm interesting, I should tweet this shit out.” I never did – it’s their fault, they didn’t add a share link to their post. Seriously? Who writes professional articles […]

ObamaCare + Yoga – Part II: Corporate Yoga Proposals

Last week I talked about the Affordable Healthcare Act and Yoga. For those of you that missed it and need a quick recap, here’s the Cliffs Notes: ObamaCare creates new incentives for employers to promote wellness programs and encourage employers to take more opportunities to support healthier workplaces. The Workplace Wellness Program is literally dropping […]

Affordable Health Care + Yoga?!

Yoga studio owners and full time teachers have a number of things in common.¬† We’ve made our passion our profession and¬† in essence, we’re yoga evangelists – We will talk to whoever, whenever about how much we love yoga and how it absolutely will change your life. We’ve usually experienced some sort of emotional and/or […]

WTF to do after you finish your RYT.

Most registered yoga schools offer a sliver of information on the business of yoga. But between liability, insurance, employment Yoga Alliance registration,¬†marketing, social media, blogging, business cards and websites things can get busy and confusing fast. Here are 7 things you should do as soon as you finish your 200hr teacher training (if not before). […]

Yogini Stylin + Geeky Virgo Post-it Notes

Today I was wasting precious morning moments on Facebook.¬† (Yes, it’s a time sucker, but it’s also an integral part of growing your business, and this social media junkie loves it).¬† I¬† am a member of a ton of Facebook Groups (probably too many) but I am pretty active in a couple of yoga ones. […]

Cave to the Facebook Pressure

The irony of blogging about Facebook to a culture + generation of people that are averse to joining social media platforms: is anyone going to benefit from this post?! oh hellz yeah. Someone is going to read my words of wisdom and tell their mother’s brother’s cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s sister. BAM! viral. Just. Like. […]

Hot Yoga Drop Out

I did something last week for the first time ever. I walked out of a hot yoga class. I seriously thought I was going to die from spontaneous human combustion. It was the hottest hot yoga pseudo Bikram class I have ever taken. I may have been able to suffer through in the dead of […]

Snark, Pooping Unicorns + Getting Off Your Ass

This morning I read an article on Recovering Yogi , 5 ways to make $#!^loads of money with yoga. If you’re not familiar with RY, it’s a community blog whose mission “is to provide a forum for those who are bored with vacuous yoga culture and trite ‚Äúspiritual‚ÄĚ talk.”. I read RY sporadically, mainly because […]

Get Busy and Be the Change

I took a personal day today and it feels awesome! My 9-5 is starting to get a little stressful. The merger is 2 business days away. Seems an appropriate time for a personal day, right? In my world, personal days aren’t filled with lounging around eating bonbons. I am usually busier than I am in […]


I found this on Pintrest. (Credit – It makes me LOL. ¬†Are you overwhelmed by this chart? Yes —–> Hatha Yoga. Do you think it’s ok to trademark a yoga series? Yes—-> Bikram Yoga. ¬†Seriously. It cracks me up. ¬†I am just sad that they left Yin Yoga and Meridian Yoga out. They are […]

Friday Faves

It’s Friday, and these are a few of my favorite things….. Getting in touch with the MUCH First up, Muchness Bands made by my favorite Muchy girl, Tova Gold over at Finding My Muchness.¬† Muchness Bands are gorgeous satin and sequin tie bands that come in a rainbow of colors and inspiration. The best thing […]

Inspiration + Illumination

Where does inspiration come from? What starts it?¬† What stops it?¬† Most importantly, how can we stay nose deep in its good juju? Great questions, right?¬† Listen, if I had the answers to those questions for every single person I wouldn’t be working from 9-5 to pay off those law school loans!¬† I don’t have […]

Trainings + Insatiable Curiosity

Every year somewhere between April and June I start thinking about digging into a 500hr yoga training program. ¬†It has been on my bucket list since I completed my first 200hr in 2006. I always thought I’d go to Finding Inner Peace Yoga School for my advanced training. It’s where I completed my first 200hr […]

The Groupon Effect – Yoga Style

I will be the first one to admit that Groupon (LivingSocial, AmazonLocal, Deal Chicken,¬† etc.) deals for yoga studios are bomb-digity for my wallet.¬† I started seeing them about two or three years ago and scooping them up left and right. They were a cheap perfect way to explore new studios and classes outside of […]


This morning I got a letter from the Universe.¬† I get them every morning. But this morning it resonated with me. It’s not the dazzling voice that makes a singer. Or clever stories that make a writer. And it’s not piles of money that make a tycoon. It’s having a dream and wanting to live […]

The Art of the Twitter Bio

I’ve had a little obsession with reading Twitter bio’s for quite a while now.¬† They are like a down-and-dirty amalgamation of your professional life a la LinkedIn and your dirty, rock-n-roll Myspace page 10 years ago minus the audio. They also lend some serious street cred to your humor, wit and online prowess.¬† But is […]


In 2010, I took a leap of faith. With a severance package and a dream, I created my own thriving holistic health coaching business and actually made a living as a health coach and yoga teacher. In 2011, I joined a yoga-centered t-shirt and printing business, founded a yoga studio and wellness program that served […]

I know. I have been a terrible blogger.¬† The end of the semester was exceptionally busy; school work for the MCIS program as well as advising for Delta Phi. Not to mention, the RBHS integration is slowly spiraling out of control.¬† ¬† The irony of my blogging silence? Ive been working as a communications consultant […]

Om Sweet Om

This morning I practiced yoga with a group of friends, family and yoga teachers. ¬†It was morning satsang and kirtan in celebration of my dear friend Lauren’s birthday. ¬†It was the first practice I have done in months. ¬†That seems shocking to say out loud. When I got the invitation in the mail a few […]

Day 2.

My Jawbone UP still hasn’t arrived from amazon. I am slightly annoyed by that, but tracking says it will be here today. Yesterday was my first day of the Isagenix cleanse.¬† I will say that the shakes are…mediocre. They remind me of appetite suppression/fad diet shakes my mother used to make in the 80s. The […]

The Summer of Me

I just finished up my first semester in the MCIS program. I think I squeaked out with an A.¬† It’s a good place to start.¬† I am still all over the place with the concentration of my degree program.¬† The research projects that I worked on this semester for my Communication Research class all revolved […]

Five Simple Marketing ideas to Build your Kula

1. Bring a Friend for Free – new student discounts. 2. Free Karma Classes taught by a new teacher 3. Monthly happy hour ¬†– Try a funky flow class with a discounted price. Reward those that come with a post class happy hour. Is there a local juice, kombucha or organic food vendor that 4. […]

Drunk with Satisfaction, #FemFuture

I’ve had the desire to create change [work] for the greater good since I was a child. While in college, this need exploded. Boston has that effect on young impressionable students.¬† It’s a hot-bed of intellectual, liberal politics. I volunteered for political campaigns, for women’s organizations, environmental campaigns, Rosie’s Place and AIDS Action Committee. My […]

Question Authority

The hubs and I went for a wog (somewhere between walking and jogging) this morning and I am on my second cup of coffee. I normally only have one, so bare with me… my wheels are spinning. I feel sick over the events that transpired this week. I’m emotionally traumatized over the wound that was […]

Boston Pride

It has been one of those weeks where my emotions are in such turmoil that I simply can’t string together the right words.¬† I am from New York. I live on the Jersey Shore.¬† If there were ever a place I called home outside of the the Adirondack Coast, it’s Boston.¬† I spent a collective […]

Happy Equal Pay Day

Are YOU making an equal amount to your male counterpart in your place of employment? I know I am not.¬† I have greater academic credentials and I am licensed.¬† Sadly, I also have boobs. This gap was unknown to me when I was hired.¬† You best believe I am going to bring it up next […]

You’ve Been F-Bombed…

People have been dropping a lot of bombs lately. My inspirational Girl Friday, Taraleigh drops Kindness + Joy Bombs. Danielle drops bad ass Truth Bombs. All these amazing, be better warm, fuzzy, kick-your-life-up-a-notch-bombs. And lately, I’ve just been dropping f-bombs. Can you tell my yoga practice is on the decline? </3 I grew up in […]

Of Self Preservation and Social Media

I am passionate about a number of things but the big ones tend to revolve around women (feminism), environment and politics. It’s the interconnection of feminism, environmentalism, politics, activism and spirituality – otherwise known as [modern] ecofeminism. My personal soap boxes include reproductive justice (including abortion, birth choice, breast feeding and maternity rights), the right […]

So you’re tired of hearing about “rape culture”?

Originally posted on Rethink the Rant:
TRIGGER WARNING: The following includes descriptions, photos, and video that may serve as a trigger for victims of sexual violence. Please be advised.¬† Someone asked me today, “What is ‘rape culture’ anyway? I’m tired of hearing about it.” Yeah, I hear ya. I’m tired of talking about it. But…

Thoughts on Stubenville

Yesterday, the verdict for the Stubenville rape case came out.¬† I was shocked and disappointed in the 1 & 2 year sentences the rapists received. Today I am physically nauseated. I can’t wrap my brain around the reaction and create full sentences. I am stupefied. I am disgusted by the rape culture that our society […]

Fired Up for Women

Today the Violence Against Women Act passed.¬† 286 to 138. The 138 that voted against it were all Republicans. Remind me again how any woman can be a member of this party in its current form?¬† Come on Republicans! Take back your party from the right wing nut jobs. They are ruining it for you! […]

Cleaning your Online Livingroom

A few weeks ago I read a blog post that resonated,¬† the Art of the Deleting People. Synchronicity in play, I read it at a time when I was feeling the need to hide posts and block users.¬†¬† I block on the regular. I block bigotry. I block negativity. I block whining.¬† Block & Hide…it’s […]

Critical Thinking and Run-On Sentences

Yesterday I read a piece in the Washington Post entitled¬†A warning to college professors from a high school teacher, by Valerie Strauss. It was the reprint of a letter that first appeared in Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors by Kenneth Bernstein.¬† It’s a searing criticism of 2001’s No Child Left […]

Three Years….

Three years ago today, I lost my best friend.¬† Not a day has passed that I don’t think about her. Not a month has gone by without my heart aching and eyes welling with tears because she’s no longer here.¬† Those of you that aren’t dog owners will never understand. To the ones that are, […]

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