Does your yoga career need some love?

I know – I haven’t updated in a bit…but that’s because I have been doing some serious behind the scenes shit!  First – my new website is finally LIVE! There are still a few things that need to be adjustedThis blog will be migrating over there soon, so make sure you update your feed and add yourself to my list to stay up-to-date on everything current.

Second, I a have booked a number of speaking engagements over the course of the next 6 months- I am sharing info and experience on everything corporate and yoga biz and how to really grow your yoga business and settle into (and THRIVE!) in your yoga career.

Speaking of, have you totally noticed that there’s a crap-load of hype about following your  passion to create a career you love… but not much honest + practical  advice on HOW TF to do it?

Get off Your meditation pillow and hustle.

Trying to figure out how to turn your  passion into a profitable + sustainable yoga career?? HELLO OVERWHELM. And even more – it  often seems like the only yogis who DO make a comfortable living sharing yoga are ‘celebriyogis’ or studio owners.

What about the rest of us? Screw ‘celebriyogis’. We all want to be Superstar Yoginis in business!

That’s why I’m redonkulously excited about the from Yogi to Yogipreneur Virtual  Conference Series. My friend + colleague, Racheal Cook (founder of is bringing together over 30 amazing yogis to share exactly how they turned their passion for yoga into a real career… and she’s invited ME to teach how to Cover Your Asana(TM): Yoga Business and the Law

Join me here.

Talk to me!

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