Trainings + Insatiable Curiosity

Every year somewhere between April and June I start thinking about digging into a 500hr yoga training program.  It has been on my bucket list since I completed my first 200hr in 2006. I always thought I’d go to Finding Inner Peace Yoga School for my advanced training. It’s where I completed my first 200hr as well as my first prenatal certification. And if not FIP, then The Yoga of Energy Flow with one of my first mentors, Daniel Orlansky. One problem though. I now live on the Jersey Shore and a 6 hour commute to Boston for weekly training sessions probably isn’t feasible.

I didn’t think I’d get the itch this since I am still on my teaching hiatus.  I have some privates scattered here and there in my schedule, but my time over the past 12 months has been spent mostly behind the computer screen, not on the yoga mat.  Yet here it is, the middle of June and I find myself trying to figure out how I can justify spending $3000 on another yoga training.

If I were still teaching full time, it would be a no-brainer. Diving into a 500hr is necessary to continue to master my craft.  Before getting married, I never would have thought twice about the expense. My money. My choice. Things change when you have a husband and a mortgage, a dog the size of a 12 year old boy and possibly babies. Even if I never taught another class again, it’s hard to imagine my curiosity and passion for learning yoga diminishing. She’s been a loving mistress my entire adult life, always there to welcome me home.

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