Friday Faves

It’s Friday, and these are a few of my favorite things…..

Gratitude Band by Finding My Muchness

Getting in touch with the MUCH
First up, Muchness Bands made by my favorite Muchy girl, Tova Gold over at Finding My Muchness.  Muchness Bands are gorgeous satin and sequin tie bands that come in a rainbow of colors and inspiration. The best thing about them is they have an inspirational quote on the inside of the band. Each band is custom made just for you – you can choose from a selection of quotes or you can submit your own. they are designed to be a physical reminder of the strength you embody and the light and joy that surround you, even if you are struggling with grief or sadness. Wrap it around your wrist, your ponytail, your bag strap… wherever you catch a glimpse of it and be reminded of it’s powerful message. I ordered my first two Muchness Bands last fall (Courage and Healing) when my life was in a rocky place. EVERY time I wear one, someone stops me in my tracks and compliments me.  I NEED an entire rainbow of them, one for every outfit.  It’s probably time for a new order 🙂

28 Day Cycle of Wisdom & Creativity

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Next up is a freebie (see what I did there?). It’s a free download version of the Vibrant Women Project‘s Vibrant Month Program – 28 Day Cycle of Wisdom & Creativity. Its a daily chart and  guide to what your body is primed for throughout your cycle based on your hormone levels in career, health, sex, relationships, intuitiveness and creativity… and it’s awesome.  I can’t tell you how much this resonates with me. When I was full swing health coaching in my former biz,  Sprouting Wellness, I use to run online Vibrant Women’s Circles.  It was a 6 week program to connect women to their inner wisdom, teach them about their fertility cycle and empower them to make positive changes in their lives.  I wish I had tapped into my intuitive side and developed this chart for my circles. It simply rocks.  You have no excuses. Go download it now.

Yoga class ‘recipes’ for newly trained teachers

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The Yoga Recipe is an innovative yoga marketplace.  “What’s innovative about shopping?” you ask.. Now let me explain. This isn’t they type of marketplace where you buy new yoga pants, a mat, incense some tingshas and a nice Ganesh statue for your alter. It’s a marketplace where newly trained teachers can purchase classes (to practice or teach) from seasoned teachers.  Any person can purchase a class download, but the mission of The Yoga Recipe  is to create an energy and monetary exchange between seasoned and new teachers that elevates both parties, the yoga community and most importantly the students. I am in love with it. It’s currently in its beta version. Yoga teachers have to apply for approval to run a Yoga Shop. Sadly, my shop Terra K – Darshana Yoga is empty right now. I haven’t had the time to upload anything yet!  That being said, I will, and I am SO excited about it. I have 1000s of hours worth of classes. Even after I became comfortable and confident as a yoga teacher,  I always wrote out my classes prior to teaching them. It was probably the Virgo in me to ensure the lesson and asana flow. I was never an “off the cuff” teacher so the Yoga Recipe is perfect for me. I can’t wait to dig in.  So RYTs – make sure you check this one out and apply for your Shop!

Hi-Tech Chakras: The iChakra Ap


In all honesty, I have had this ap on my iPhone for well over a year and never used it. Recently I have been working on my spiritual alignment and balance, bringing meditation, yoga and chant back into my life on a consistent basis.  When I upgraded my phone last week and started sifting through the 100s of aps that were transferred over.  Its rainbow caught my attention (I am a sucker for rainbows) during a pretty dull meeting I was attending at work. I thought my phone was on vibrate until Om Shanti Shanti Sarvarishita Naashini Swahi rang out. Oops. My bad, I presumed some legal stuffed shirts could use a little heart openers.  Since that uncomfortable moment I have been using it every day.  It is really great for quick meditation. There is a mantra option, singing bowl option and guided meditation. At first I was annoyed that I had to restart or tap at every chakra. Then I realized I should have read the directions. Of course you can adjust the settings to progress through each chakra without tapping manually. You can also choose specific chakras and the number of cycles it plays – for example: 1 Muladhara  chant, 2 Swahisthara, 3 Manipura etc. Super awesome if you have some areas you want to un-stick! and it’s only $1.99. Hurry and download now 🙂

Jeanne Rizzo + Breast Cancer Fund

If you are aware of  the Susan G. Komen Foundation and don’t know who The Breast Cancer Fund and its CEO, Jeanne Rizzo are, or think that these two breast cancer organizations are similar, you are doing it wrong.  They are wildly different. The greatest distinction between these two organizations is that the former is focused on research and the later prevention. As a health coach, optimal health and dis-ease prevention is my passion.  As an attorney formerly in the pharmaceutical industry and currently in the academic research industry I have an acute understanding of drug development + research funding. There’s no doubt, everyone wants to cure cancer.  It would benefit millions of people world wide, and it’s a potential billion dollar windfall taboot.  Preventing cancer? not so much money there.  We’re currently living in the new era of Breast Cancer. Women are being assaulted with endocrine disrupting chemicals and  on a daily basis. It’s coming from our beauty products, our cleaning products our food and even our jobs. Breast Cancer Fund (and a few other NPOs such as the Silent Spring Foundation) are the lone wolves in fighting for prevention. They are denouncing pink washing and taking the fight to Washington to advocate for legislative reform of our broken (and outdated) Toxic Substances Control Act.  Jeanne Rizzo is my favorite and she should be yours too!  Read more from Jeanne here.

What are you loving this week?

FYI – I am not an affiliate to any of these businesses or organizations. I do not get paid for any endorsements within this post. They are honestly, just a few of my favorite things.

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