Teasers…I Got A Whole Buncha Stuff Up My Sleeve.

Since last week I posted about to do lists, I”ll share my monster one with you today…

Wake Up Kick Ass

Done, Done and Done.  I am sure you did the same thing today, right?

So, I’ve been dropping teasers about ‘Darshana Communications’ and ‘The Darshana Collective‘ for a while and I realize that I’ve been a little bit cryptic. So let me take a moment to explain.  ‘Darshana‘ is a Sanskrit term meaning “sight” (in the sense of an instance of seeing or beholding; from the root drishti “to see”), vision, apparition, or glimpse. A ‘Collective‘ is the formation of a whole, individual characteristics taken together. As many of you know from this blog, I am a whole lot of things – attorney, yogini, serial entrepreneur, social media + communications junkie and business + brand strategist. The Darshana Collective rolls it all into one; Creative Communication, Righteous Strategy + Business Moxie for Women with Vision.

I am still hashing out the services, but they will include 1:1 Coaching (Jam Sessions, Branding + Strategy Intensives), Tailored Legal Services, and a few killer packages that I’m going to try to keep under wraps until everything is close to perf.

There are a few programs already in the works I can tip you off to:

  • The Corporate Yogini – Corporate Proposals for Yoga & Wellness Practitioners. This package includes a 15 minute Skype session to review your services and proposal needs. A branded proposal template that you can use over and over simply by tweaking a few sections. Custom pricing for your services and geographic area. And marketplace research and citations substantiating credibility, benefits and RIO. Send out your corporate proposals and put the Affordable Care Act to work for you!
  • Yogini Superstar Business Strategy Toolbox  The SBS Toolbox is  for newly trained yoginis as well as seasoned practitioners who are looking to make the part time to full time transition.  It contains everything You Need to Skyrocket Your Yoga Business. Easy Peasy.
  • Social Media Rehab for Yogini Superstars – If you’re scared or clueless about social media and marketing yourself on line,  this one is for you!  Learn to effectively + authentically harness the power of social media to build your brand and fill your classes every single time.
  • Yoga Business E-Course (Online YogaMBA) – We’ll dig into starting and running your business (mission, vision and values), yoga business models, key legal agreements, financial planning, branding + social media, packages + Pricing and student and client retention.

I also have a few freebies that will be coming your way including Yogini On a Mission – 5 Steps to Create Your Kick-Ass Mission Statement. I hope to put the finishing touches on this one while I’m out in Last Vegas doing the ‘I’m-a-very-important-lawyer’ thing next week.

Make sure you join The Darshana Collective to receive real time updates on the launch of the website and programming roll out.  I am really excited to be offering a fresh perspective on the whole yoga business strategy thang.



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