Chiron Goes Retrograde

Chiron, the wounded healer goes Retrograde in Aries July 14, 2022 – December 23, 2022.

Chiron is an asteroid (rather than planet) that holds our deepest wounds. Chiron’s transit in early spring created chaos in my life attached to my deepest wounds. I knew it was coming, but I couldn’t anticipate how it would show up in my life. I mistakenly believed my sisterhood wound was well on it’s way to healing, but I have been in mired in it’s darkness since. I lost the closest support system I had in my local community and have been in the thick of addressing the wound through Ancestral Healing, embodiment, human design coaching and therapy, which is why this page hasn’t been active. I have made progress.

Chiron went rerograde on Thursday, July 14, 2022. Like all divine timing, that which isn’t fully addressed is ripped open and displayed in front of you. And as Chiron went retrograde, I was triggered. DEEPLY. My pain was acute and on display for all to see. While emotional, I don’t often present with an emotional reaction, but Thursday I did.

It hurt so much. I wanted rage so deeply. It is took every restraint I had to not allow the tantrum and cries of abandonment and rejected escape the lips of my inner child…

“You hurt my feelings!

I thought you’d be there for me!

I trusted you!

You’ve left me alone!”

I cried and stormed off, broken. While not proud, I will not hold shame. I hurt. Women I loved hurt me deeply and yet, with perspective, I rise. I am grateful for the pain. This was a reminder healing isn’t linear and there’s incredibly deep work still to do.

The patterns of our wounding evolve like a DNA spiral. Triggers are circular and repeating. When we learn and step into love, we release. We catch it earlier we trigger less often. The pain blooms into our greatest gift. In that spiral dance, we must just love our inner child deeply, hold her tightly and tell her she’s safe, valued and deserving of love. When the ones you thought would love you forever don’t and turn into your teachers… pause… And remind yourself you’re still worthy of love and there’s love and compassion on the other side.

Chiron retrograde is the opportunity and energy portal for deeper healing. Childhood wounds are being triggered. Whatever hasn’t been cleared will rise. It’s a time for Self Love, Inner Child Work, Forgiveness and Growth.

Ask yourself…

  • What have I been avoiding that I need to confront?
  • How can I strip away the layers of identity I’ve created to protect?
  • Where do I need to add forgiveness into my life?
  • How can I turn these wounds into strengths to guide me forward and step into my greatest gift?

May we have swift healing and a joyful and valued inner child.

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