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Ready, Set, Goal

I can tell it’s almost Thanksgiving, because my Facebook feed is filled with “Day 18 – I am grateful for purple monkeys and kombucha.” [It’s awesome to see people actively expressing gratitude, but how about everyday instead of just 30 days in November? Join the Spreading Gratitude group on Facebook and practice daily!]  The onslaught of Facebook gratitude is a clear indication that Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner; the season of guilt and resolutions.  I have one thing to say about that….screw guilt + resolutions!!

Last week I participated in Amber McCue’s 2014 Planathon.  For those of you who have never heard of Amber, she’s a guru of business organization + operations as well as the Founder & CEO of Nice Ops.   Amber is adorable enough to want to put over your knee and bass ass enough to make you listen.  She’s got jaw dropping organization skillz that will make any Virgo dizzy with admiration [and you guys know I don’t use the “g” word lightly].   Under Amber’s guidance,  I planned my ass off for 2014 and it was totally empowering. On the first day I had a mini-light bulb moment:

In order to plan for success, you need to clearly define your goals.  <~~~ Tweet it. 

Every single business needs a business plan and a marketing plan, but if you don’t have a goal, what’s the point? How are you going to know if you’re making progress? Results need to be measurable, right?  Life + business become more meaningful, fulfilling and you’ll become more successful if you clearly articulate your goals.  So, for the next few weeks, screw guilt + resolutions we’re going to empower ourselves with goal setting.  Every Monday and Wednesday for the next 5 weeks I’ll be layin down everything you need to know about goal setting in business and life.

Get ready. We start on Wednesday.

10 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Goal”

  1. I suck at goal setting when it comes to my own business, which is probably why I’m still not teaching kid’s yoga! Thank you for the reminder! If I want NGYwitherindipity to take off I need to focus on what I want it to be ❤

    1. Erin! stay tuned in for the next 5 weeks! I scheduled 2 posts a week on goal setting…and the recap has some download freebies to keep you on track. 🙂

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