Own It.

Yup, the hiatus is over. It’s time for In Yo Face Friday.

Today I want to talk about owning it. Owning who you are and what you do with every ounce of your being.  Stop shying away from your perceived flaws.  For a long time, the yogini in me was ashamed of the lawyer in me.  I couldn’t reconcile the two aspects of my personality. The type-a, analytical, demanding side of me always seemed to be at conflict with the gentle, soft, energy healer in me.   Before my yoga training, the legal side hardened me. I felt as if my compassion and empathy were weaknesses. The opposite was true after my yoga training. For some reason yoga quieted my voice. I didn’t fit perfectly into the yoga teacher box, so my personality shrank. Only recently have I come to realize these juxtapositions are exactly my gifts to the world.

Own it

Never quiet your voice. Own it.

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