I found this on Pintrest. (Credit – It makes me LOL.  Are you overwhelmed by this chart? Yes —–> Hatha Yoga. Do you think it’s ok to trademark a yoga series? Yes—-> Bikram Yoga.  Seriously. It cracks me up.

5261e78f807d9be99a719c8f5168dc48 I am just sad that they left Yin Yoga and Meridian Yoga out. They are my jam. Two of my favorite styles and where my personal personal practice is based. I’m not a Yin Yoga purest. Five or more minutes is a little intense for me (right now), but I do love sinking into a pose.  It’s where I explore my body, my emotions and my ego most intimately. I guess that’s why I never really fell in love with vinyasa. I enjoy flow, but mostly I just want to settle in. Sthira sukham asanam. When you want to come out of the posture, is when you should be digging settling in.  It’s hard to find this type of class where I live. Most available classes are power, flow, vinyasa or gentle. Every so often I get lucky and scoop up a Jivamukti class, but If I want a deep, slow, challenging class, I have to go into the city. Definitely not my favorite thing to do 😛

What’s your yoga jam?

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