People will steal your shit.

Holy fucking breaking news Batgirl!!

Alanna Kaivalya says in her Manhattan Supreme Court suit that Wanderlust Festivals strung her along for four months just to get insight into her training methods.

Last week I blogged about TM and Copyright…..and a few weeks before that I blogged about Covering Your Asana with legal agreements . I’ve really been tapping into my legal mojo. I hope you understand, I’m not just talking to hear my own voice here. Alanna Kaivalya is suing Wanderlust for basically stealing her Kaivalya Method Teacher training manual. This is important shit!!! I ADORE Alanna Kaivalya her JivaDiva pod casts were the catalyst for me doing my first 200hr training. I also I love Wanderlust Festival. If they did her dirty – that is so NOT cool. SO SO SO much heart and soul goes into developing a teacher training. I cant even imagine someone snagging it on you. horrible. Good for her for actually getting a CDA in place. I certainly hope she also signed a collaboration agreement! Read the full story on the NY Daily News and you should probably check out my new Facebook page, Legal Dharma – for all things yoga + law related. Less Drama

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