Headline: Georgia Students Want To Hold The First Integrated Prom In Their High School’s History

Four students at Wilcox County High School in Georgia want to attend prom together — but under the current setup, they won’t be allowed to unless they throw their own. LINK

I am sorry…but are you fucking kidding me? This is article is from the Onion, right?  It’s 2013, not 1953. NEVER had an integrated Prom?   Brown V. Board of Education was decided in 1954! This is a public school. In what universe is segregation still ok? Yes I know it’s a school dance and not access to public school – you get my friggin point!

And you wonder why “Northerner’s” think “Southerner’s” are bigoted?

Segregation Banned – 1954

Or why the city folk think the country bumkins are dumb?

Pete Domenick always talks about the divide between rural and urban America. Republican or Conservative = Rural, Democrat or Liberal = Urban. Usually it pisses me off because I come from an Adirondack town without a gas station or a stop light. I tend to be hyper sensitive about the dumb rural conservative generalization (as opposed to the all Georgian’s are bigots one*).**  I didn’t grow up with a conservative bone in my body even through I am from a soundly red county.  But it keeps smacking me in the face again and again.

I long for the suburban exodus out of Jersey and back to the mountains.

Perhaps it’s just a subliminal longing to beat my liberal drum.  Maybe I have been brainwashed by the culture and diversity of the big city.  The horror!!  Would I lose my liberal street cred if I moved back to the ‘Dacks?  Would I stick out like a sore thumb for my green, feminist, bleeding heart, equality ways? Have I been gone too long?  I don’t have any of the answers.  I just know that those people in Georgia that won’t allow a mixed prom need some serious reprogramming.  You’re on the wrong side of history – it was decided more than 50 years ago!

I also know that I am going to send those girls some money so they can have an integrated prom.

You should too.

* lest you missed my sarcasm, I do NOT think all Georgians are bigots. Just the idiots in that small rural red town that still think separate but equal is ok.

** It pains me a little that I cant footnote my blogs.  *geek*

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