Evolution of a Generator

Before I found #humandesign and understood what it meant to be a 1/3 Generator, I thought I was an ADHD failure. I thought when things got hard, I just ran or uprooted myself entirely. I am writing this for myself. To remind myself of where I come from, where I’ve gone, what I’ve  learned, what I ignored, what I healed. And ultimately, breathing life into the patchwork of my mastery. 

She was a musical theatre major who ended up with a Political Communication degree. A free spirit running from proposals and chasing Phish. An assistant legislative director, who wanted to go back to school to be an environmentalist after she found Anne LaBastille. A non-profit volunteer and activist, slinging burgers and live music in NOLA, a little lost, little drunk, a lot unhealthy wondering what to do with her life. An only daughter making life choices in her mind people pleasing. She headed to law school, instead of joining the Americorps in Colorado and hugging  and fighting for trees. 

She became an even drunker, even unhealthier, eating disordered law student running from graduation and the East Coast headed west to wrap her arms around trees bigger than she imagined. As a civilian attorney for the Coast Guard, she died a little on the inside every time a cutter crew called wondering what to do about the whale they just hit. She learned what a benzine plume was and and how marginalized communities are subjugated to contamination, she felt the first stirrings of environmental justice. Perhaps less tree hugging and more anarchy. 

She tried on the name Bright Moon Lily, an eager green witch studying Wicca in Berkeley, Celtic paganism with environmental justice anarchists. She was called somewhere ancient, to earth worship, and desperately seeking wanting someone to love her. Instead of heeding the call she put all her eggs into a basket of love only to have them scrambled at her feet. 

Her saturn returns and she’s lost. She’s a practicing attorney, she’s broken hearted. She runs back to Boston. Joins the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism taking mediumship, astrology and tarot workshops. Something stirs. She finds reiki Shoden Level 1. Starts healing the broken heart at Finding Inner Peace Yoga School, 200hr Hatha RYT, Okudin Level 2, Starts a hula hoop business, became certified in hoop dance fusion. Teaches chakra-hoop meditation. Utsui Reiki Level 3A. Gets lost in the hoop. She starts seeing and tasting energy. Good and Bad. There’s so much heaviness in south Boston. it’s everywhere.  it’s too much. She stops drawing reiki signs in her minds eye. She should have reached out to an elder crone for guidance. Instead she runs way for the party and ignores it all. 

🌀IIN CHHC, Columbia University 
✨Sprouting Wellness: My first post-IIN health coaching business
🕉150hr Prenatal RYT
🌀DONA Training, 2 births shy of certification.
🌀Mayan Abdominal Massage training 

Maybe I want to learn more about shamanism? but maybe that’s pure cultural appropriation… Maybe she doesn’t fit in either word, green, healing or legal?

📚 Developed Fertility Diva Training 
✨ Three Healthy Chicks, the second evolution of health coaching and first group business.
🕉 200hr Soul Sweat RYT 
✨The Odonata Project: the dream of my first non-profit women’s organization 
✨Live. Breathe. Grow.: a joint venture of inspirational attire and yoga. 
📚 Co-Developed Be Your Own Guru Training 
✨MetroPark Yoga: a corporate yoga studio 
🌀 WCI life business and spiritual coaching certificate 
✨Legal Dharma: legal consulting for yoga teachers and studios. 
✨The Darshana Collective: the business project so close to my calling; life and business coaching for bliss chasers, rule breakers, peace makers, light workers tree huggers and creative souls. The decision to walk away from it, based in my mind and not my authority. 
✨Tri-City Yoga Foundation: my second run at a non-profit organization bringing yoga to humans who are not white, rich and privileged. 
🕉 100hr Yin Training 
🕉 300hr Bhakti Yoga Certification. 

It’s a varied path with many commonalities. Holistic wellness, transformation, empowerment, business sass…. Teaching (women) the tools to empower and transform. 💥 

I’ve been diving into and learning HD on my own for the past 2 years…which means I am abut to hit the shit-storm portion of deconditioning. What will next year this time look like?

The fire to transform, train and get back to non-lawyer work has been ignited. I’m owning and living by my 1/3 Generator design. And I’m here to let everyone know, I am winding up to slingshot forward. I’m conjuring the green witch,

Stay Tuned. 


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