In Yo Face Friday

Sometimes I feel bogged down. Juggling too many balls. Life gets in the way. I get in my own way.  It’s hard. Running a business is hard. Having a job is hard. being a wife is hard.  Life can be hard.  You know what makes it easier, I mean, besides a personal assistant?  Gratitude.  And when you truly begin to practice gratitude life begins to unfold and blossom in amazing ways. You become the a powerful maker of your own destiny and a manifesting master.

For a long time, I was ungrateful resentful of my legal education. I felt only as if it were a ball and chain of debt, holding me back from what I really wanted to do. It took me a long time to let go of the resentment and just deal with it. Once the resentment was gone, I slowly became grateful. Grateful that I had the skills to assist my clients with filing LLCs, negotiating contracts, understanding liability. Now that I am grateful for my legal background, that aspect of my business is flourishing. I am continuing to help yoga teachers and studios in new, creative ways.  It’s all part of the master design, but it didn’t fall together until I started practicing gratitude.


One response to “In Yo Face Friday”

  1. Thanks for that reminder – I particularly needed it today!

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