Red Mavens and Harlots

(transcription from the Red Podcast by Elayne Kailia)

“This power that lives inside of us, that is held archetypally by the Red Maven, by the harlots and the whores, and the harems, is an energy of transmutation…

what it means is that yes, our bodies as women have been coded to carry physical babies, to grow life inside of us, but it is not just babies that we birth from within us. We birth families, communities, we birth societies and cultures. We birth systems of care an interconnection. We birth visions of how we can support and be interdependent with one another. We birth everything through us. And more than that, we are by nature able to alchemize pain and suffering into love.

through our womb of light, through bringing into us all the pain and the suffering of the world, we through our bodies can pour out love from that pain. it is one of the practices that we as women know how to do innately. we’re scared of it because it can overwhelm us when we try to do it alone. but what we have to remember is that we must call sisters together. our red mavens, our harlots together to be in prayer. To be in these kinds of spaces where we get to transmute this energy together. Where we get to work with this energy together.  This is the secret behind all of it. for us as women in leadership.


That it is to gather in sisterhood, which is where we suffered some of the deepest wounds  -How many times have we heard women fearful of sisterhood. That they have been wounded by their mother, by their sister, by their auntie. They don’t trust women. This is one of the deepest weapons, in which we have been demonized against each other as women. To not be able to trust one another. To not be able to actually hold our power together. To heal this place is so powerful. Because when we come together as Red Mavens and harlots in remembrance of our actual power and we bring the suffering we bring the pain, we break all of the rage and anger inside of our own collective body and we transmute it. Then we really get to change something.

These are the skills we’ve always had as feminine leaders.”

Here’s to healing that wound.

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