Psycho Virgo Tendencies + Time Outs

Happy Thursday Tribe! 🙂

Welcome to my crazy...
Welcome to my crazy…

I have been moving at warp speed for the past month and a half. Personal life, business life, social life and work life all swirling around me like a tornado of crazy. I’m basically keeping my head on straight thanks to Christie over at Jewels Branch for introducing my inner psychotic Virgo to Bullet Journal. It’s a method of to-do list organization  and it’s dead on sponge-worthy.  Of course I’m breaking the rules – using my precious post-its and color tabs when the bullet journal method alone is supposed to be enough.  Well, let me tell you for ME, it’s not. I need my tabby color loves. Hey, you gotta take it and make it work for YOU!

Things are beginning to move + shake with The Darshana Collective. My logo and branding is complete thanks to Cerries at Heart Your Brand.  I am over the moon about the colors of the logo (hello rainbow, lover) and the symbolism behind its visionary eye.  One of these days I will post about its deign evolution, because it’s awesome.

I decided that today (Thursday) will be my Friday. I’m taking a personal day tomorrow to do some personal stuff (like how that works?!). Just one of those things is a lil trip to NYC to see a gorgeous, long time pal of mine.  We’ve known each other since we were about 4 years old. Some of my first memories include her-  in purple corduroy skirts, orange knit tights and nubuck clogs in the early years.  On a skateboard rolling down Orchard Terrace with a boom box on her shoulder cranking out License to Ill in those awkward pre-teen years. During our high school years, in a pick up truck with a dent on every corner.  And me bossing her around, telling her, her shit didn’t match,  she was being weird  and driving like a maniac! What a jerk! Like I was some Adirondack fashonista in my Jordasche jeans and Sasson purse and feathered hair. It’s a damn good thing she didn’t let little miss bossypants  dim her sparkle.

Cause man, does this girl shine…these days she does this in LA:

Funny how time changes things and we evolve. I’m no longer barking fashion criticisms, I’m pretty sure she’s no longer rocking orange knit tights (though I may stand corrected), but the world still needs our sparkle. The world needs more Lolly on a skateboard, playin smooth jazz because that’s her gift. She’s at her best when she’s behind her vibraphone.

I’m at my best when I’m connecting + inspiring.  In order for me to do that, I need a fucking time out! The world needs my sparkle, so I am taking a time out.

If you’ve been teaching too much, working too much (or even playing too much), if your cup is empty, don’t forget to filler up and take a T. O.  because….

Gentle Reminders <3
Gentle Reminders ❤

TGIF to me!

One response to “Psycho Virgo Tendencies + Time Outs”

  1. HA!! And what a great time out it was! SO great to see you, Terra.
    So many funny things in your blog. Memories of legwarmers, skateboards and boomboxes. I’m honored to have a thoughtful and loving friend like you. Besides, I’ve learned some valuable things…least of which is how to relieve myself in a field when one has had a few too many soda pops…or whatever it was they were.
    Yep. Thanks, Ter. 🙂 xoxox

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