Ya wanna buy some bliss?

Selling Yoga: Part II Yoga or a Coach Bag

Google up Yoga + Sales Culture and some not so amazing stuff comes up.

The sunglasses and killer Ralph Lauren Palazzo pants I bought last week could have been a ten class pack or a 3 month membership at the studio I visited for the first time last week.

As teachers and studio owners, we do our best to ensure our pricing is competitive and we give back to the community through community karma (free) classes and service. But for every class that has been taught for free, there are 10 students that can’t afford to practice yoga regularly (whether it’s a $20 drop in or $150 for monthly unlimited).

It’s OK to live in abundance as a yoga teacher. Now that we’ve gotten over that little pesky ‘it’s not ok to make money in the yoga business hurdle” lets get back to your competition and  marketing position.

While I don’t recommend Groupons and other social couponing for established studios, if you use it, you must follow up. Don’t let those potential new members slip through the cracks!

Live Your Your Brand.  Your goals, mission and values must be aligned!  If you’re all over the place, your employees (including teachers) won’t know what is expected of them and they will feel disconnected from the community you are so desperately trying to establish.

Monitor daily activity. If you can’t swing daily, weekly is a must. This means getting intimate with your MindBody Online software.  Know who is returning, how often and what they are buying. Know who isn’t returning, and

Employ a Yoga Advisor – Ok I don’t really mean a yoga advisor, or teaching mentor, what I do mean is a business advisor.  Just because you feel like you’re called to teach yoga, or open a studio, doesn’t mean you have the business drive to do so. and that’s ok. Know when it’s time to take on some expert advice and don’t be afraid to spend some cash to do it!

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