Gratitude List

  1. My husband. Holy crap. this man puts up with all of my wild and crazy ideas, my travel, my sleepless nights, comforts me when I’m sad or scared and always has a smile doing it.
  2. Stellybelly the Super Dane.
  3. The Women of the Delta Phi Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma at Monmouth University, for keeping me on my toes, keeping me young and giving me the opportunity to help develop the leadership skills of the next generation of women.
  4. My yoga mat. ’nuff said.
  5. My BJ- Bridge Job that is. It’s not glamorous, I’m totally underpaid and often over looked, but my benefits are amazeballs.
  6. Gemini Brett. Need an astrologer? This one is bomb.
  7. The ability to reconnect to my source.

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