Manifesto Magic

This is old copy, adapted from my Yogini on a Mission Brand Manifesto.

I’ve reformatted it , slightly. I have a handful of HD Manifestos in progress. Building these still brings me joy.  we’ll see what evolves.

First and foremost baby, WTF is a Design Manifesto? 

A HD manifesto is a statement of principles and an audacious call to action that is aligned with your specific design. Think of it as a delicious collection of your words, your visions and your values; in your language: Generator, Manifestos, Manifesting Generator, Reflector, Projector.  

It’s bold + rebellious. It shows the world who you are and what you are here to do.

It is your calling. It makes people stop and think. It attracts everything meant for you.  It’s a passion uniter and a call to the masses. It will divulge what you are and bring forward the right connections. Some will get it and others might not, but it’s all good. 

It is a through a powerful customized manifesto that reflects your mission, inspiration and huge beliefs.

Your HD manifesto is your constant source of inspiration. Think of it as an extension of yourself. Your HD manifesto is your heart and your design. It’s your reason for why you wake up every fucking day and do what you do.

A HD Manifesto is your unique inspirational narrative. It articulates your unique design and voice in this great big marketplace. It’s a total reflection of your vision and mission and it’s a big, bad ass call to action. We’re are all about action.

It declares the core intention for your business straight from your heart into the world. Ok, it shouts it out loud – boldly! It should drip of your design. 

Most of all, it creates community. It’s the unifying vision for those you’re trying to reachIt’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning and the passion that invigorates you long before your first shot of wheatgrass or your first sun salutation. It’s creative free flow and delicately hand crafted.

Think of it like this, you’re limitless. Within you and with your passion lit you have the chance to smash, dismantle, change and break through the status quo. 


Honey, this is you. You and your business and your tribe need your full bodied breath.

So, take a deep inhale and exhale. Let it out of you. The world is waiting.

Bottom Line. It’s POWERFUL Stuff. 

Your roots, values, lifestyles, actions, inspiration, aspiration, creed, and philosophy. The sheer beauty of your business story. Unlike your vision or mission, which focus on intention – a HD Manifesto should get down + dirty with turning your specific design turning intention into reality.  Through carefully whipped words and electric design we’ll create a HD brand manifesto that will rock your world and help you live by design 

Mad love,


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