Love without Limits

For the past few weeks I have been looking into where I have been loved with limits and when I have placed limitations on love. It’s deep introspective work, and hard to unearth the vulnerabilities. There’s a variable line to which the limitation applies and when I’m vulnerable, hurt and broken, the line is short, identifiable and easily crossed. It’s where I limit love for fear of being hurt again.
The limitations I put on extending my love and compassion to others- in an attempt to protect myself- ultimately limits the love I am able to receive.
When I am open to my vulnerability and release the wounds I’ve experienced, I begin to love without limit. First and for-most, it’s the love of myself and forgiveness of the mistakes I’ve made. Then it’s extended to others through compassion and forgiveness for their experience and shortcomings.
This can be completely immobilizing when we are wounded, in pain or criticizing ourselves for choices we have made.
But the answer is always love. Who are we to withhold love from ourselves and others for fear of repeating a pattern?
Even the most broken pieces of us are deserving of love and compassion. It’s possible to love without limits.
🖤 Today I will love and forgive my broken pieces.
🖤 Today I will love and forgive the broken pieces in others.
🖤 Today I will love without limit.
Love is always the answer.

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