I’m Terra

You should know, the copy on this page was originally written some time before  2010, when I was driving a thriving business and life coaching practice. Since I have now dedicated this space to my own incubation temple,  I’ve decided to edit my words, instead of deleting them. Growth is in the journey.  The pink or italicized text represents current musings, while the strikethrough represents outdated beliefs. If WordPress could reflect tracked changes, my inner contracts attorney persona would dance in the streets! 

Once upon a time I helped passionate, visionary yoginis build thriving businesses by tapping into their business moxie + teaching them to become organized, professional, savvy entrepreneurs. These days, my business moxie super powers are mostly tucked away in my bag of tricks. But I still believe... 

Every woman should be  living their life’s mission, changing the world and making a living doing it.

I used to talk lot about bringing professionalism and organization to the yoga industry. Now I have a deeper understanding of the industry’s rampant cultural appropriation (which I was once a part of) and it’s not my place, right now to bring anything that industry.  

I know what it means to run a heart-centered business while creating a cult-like following, connecting deeply with your tribe keeping your shit together without burning out. but I did burn out… keep reading.. Also, cult-like following? fuck that’s terrifying. And tribe…I know better than to use this word now. But I cannot deny I still have a deep yearning to used it. It’s a longing likely rooted in Scottish and Celtic ancestry and cultivated through colonialist familial stories of a Mohawk bloodline (definitely not Cherokee princess) and I know better. But I still cannot find an appropriate replacement for a cis-white woman whose family tree literally runs through the Daughters of the Revolution to the Mayflower. I carry both shame and pride with those labels, the lines are blurred. And I still can’t find the word. Coven may be close, but I haven’t unpacked the baggage I carry around that word, yet. 

By practice In my 9-5 right now I am an attorney as well as a non-practicing but still certified while trying not to cling to the labels as an identifier Spirituality, Life + Business Coach but underneath it all, I promise I’m still a Yogini Woman on a Mission. Just like you.  I no longer want to call myself a “yogini.” It feels sour leaving my mouth. I no longer teach asana in studio  or private. I barely made it to my mat 10 times during the pandemic.  I’m still an attorney, and I often coach and mentor, just not for income.

I took my first yoga class at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness when I was 18 years old and working my way through college as a waitress and real estate agent. I went to law school and practiced contractual law for a fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company. 

My first YTT was in Boston in 2006 but I was too scared to teach yoga in public, so I spent most of my non-working time learning (I am a 1/3 after all). Too scared to teach, I started journeying into light work. I joined a Spiritualist church, learning from and training with gifted spiritualists and reiki masters.

When I started to feel the shift, I was terrified. I didn’t know how to surrender to the flow. I fought it. I fell victim to my core wound. If I didn’t believe in myself enough to take up space, how could I heal or empower? I was played small. I wasn’t ready to see auras, taste negative energy and hear pain. So I burried it. I dimmed my spirituality. I stopped practicing reiki… and I started truly dabbling in excess and I married an agnostic. Talk about running from your (destiny).

It’s easy to get “caught up in the Kardashians” living on the Jersey Shore. While there’s a rich culture spirituality and healing there, but you have to fight for it…. and I was running from it.  

With a severance check + a dream, I left my 6 figure legal career and created my own thriving holistic health coaching business, making a living full time as a coach and yoga teacher.

I’m over getting caught up in the party and the hustle. 

Two years later I joined a yoga-centered t-shirt company and printing business, co-founded a corporate yoga studio + wellness center that served a corporate campus with over 4000 employees. 

That business divorce was painful and It should have been a catalyst for real growth -the kind that catapults you to the quantum field. But instead of trying to understand it or where it came from, I ignored it and ran from it.  I did a bunch of yoga trainings, was introduced to human design – and ignored that too. 

I’ve worked with 100s of yoga businesses: studios teachers and non-profit organizations. I learned first hand the dynamics of running a yoga studio, fostering relationships within it, building a yoga career, organizing events, retreats and workshops Yoga is a 27 billion dollar industry. The game has changed. and burning bridges while running from it.

Now, with crone and my Chiron return beckoning me forward, I’ve stopped running. I’m learning how to live the experiment. If you want to make a living I’m unwilling to live small and I won’t run from my light.  and thrive without selling your soul, you need to step it up as you need to step it up as a teacher, an entrepreneur and a professional.   Other than bringing organization and professionalism to the yoga industry is another passion of mine; I’m completely determined to help yoginis live their I’m ready to step into my soul’s work, life’s mission, change the world through yoga and to change the world with service, to shift paradigms, empower women, deconstruct the fucking patriarchy, and build a community while make a living doing it. Make no mistake—it takes work. Hard work. Determination. You have to get your I’m getting my hands dirty changing people’s lives for the better. connecting to the land,  the moon, my ancestors and living sustainably. And that makes the world better, one soul at a timeAs a Board E-RYT, attorney and certified life + business coach, this stuff isn’t just my passion. It’s I’m finally learning I don’t need labels or titles or the approval of anything external to live my dharma

My life’s purpose to help yoginis, I’m burning slowly and saying yes when moved by joy. I’m stitching together the patches of my experience, creating a quilt of mastery. I’m gathering energy workers, peacemakers, earth keepers and heart centered, entrepreneurs wild and unruly women ready to lead through service analytical and intuitive communication. Teaching To gather women in community ready to live their life’s mission, change the world. and making a living doing it is my creed  The ones ready to transform, to build a sustainable, abundant spiritual life. And you better believe I’m here to now, committing to stepping into the the fullest expression of myself. I know  standing on my soapbox, shouting it out to the world – my service will changing the world through yoga is a viable career choice! If you want to tear it all down and create something new…  ‘re passionate about yoga and ready to get serious about your career, then connect with me. 

I do not want to hang out.  I don’t want to sit around and numb. I don’t want the delusion, the toxic spirituality, the love and light without the dark

I want to get Wild & Unruly.

I am stepping into my divine feminine warrioress power. Embodying myself as a powerful healer, opening the wound, alchemizing it into light. I’m a teacher and catalyst for change who spreads joy in her wake. I am done playing small. I am ready to build a collective of goddesses who have given up shadow boding themselves, the patriarchy and a colonialist mindset, who are ready to fuck that shit up. 

Let’s not hang out.

Lets DO something.

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