Strategy and Authority

Making decisions based upon your body’s intelligence is essential for life’s success, regardless of how you define it. Get out of your head and into your design. 

I have a defined solar plexus, which is where my authority live. The solar plexus authority operates by an emotional wave that cycles through hope and pain (joy and despair). It took me a long time to learn “there is no truth in the now” and that I need to ride my emotional wave out before I make a decision – and I’m still working on that! 
When I starting learning how to live my design it felt like weight was lifted and I got a permission slip to simply be who I am. It’s a slice of freedom I didn’t know was missing. 

If you’re looking for that permission, it’s there for the taking. It’s accessed through your strategy and authority. 

What is your strategy and authority, how did discovering it change your life? 


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