Cave to the Facebook Pressure

The irony of blogging about Facebook to a culture + generation of people that are averse to joining social media platforms: is anyone going to benefit from this post?! oh hellz yeah. Someone is going to read my words of wisdom and tell their mother’s brother’s cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s sister. BAM! viral. Just. Like. That.

Ok maybe not.

But it needs to be said and hopefully YOU can pass along the information to the damn Facebook holdouts in your community.  Here’s the issue: Business owners are still holding out on creating Facebook accounts.  Countless yoga teachers are among these hold outs.  And I get it. I truly do. I’ve been inside your head. Want to see?

As a yoga teacher, self promotion makes me feel yucky. I strive to release my ego and I worry that it will feed it. Honestly, I prefer personal connection and interpersonal communication. Social media is an annoying distraction. I’d rather have a personal conversation in real time over a cup of chai. I totally get social media is good for my business, I just have some sort of a mental block around diving in.  WTF is a #? I totally don’t understand Pintrest but Instagram is kinda fun!.

Ya see what I did there? I got right in your pretty yoga teacher brain. I get you. We come from the same space. I’m just a little different.

I am not a hold out.  Quite the opposite. I am a self proclaimed social media junkie. I registered for a Facebook account as soon as they would let me without an .edu email address. I hate admitting this, but Facebook is an open browser on my computer 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of the time. The Facebook and Facebook Pages Ap are probably my two most used aps on my Iphone. My financial advisor hubs has been pushing Facebook stock on the reg these days. It’s one of his recent favorite pics, simply because he sees how much I utilize it for just about everything – business, family and friends.

So, here’s the deal. Social Media isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram and blogging platforms are and will continue to be essential mediums for you to grow your studio, your kula and your following.

The beautiful thing is, you don’t have to be personally active on Facebook. You can sign up and create a Fanpage, which is different from your personal page.  It’s essential that your business fanpage is not a profile page. Profile pages max out at 4k friends. There’s no max for likes of fan pages. You can also designate another administrator of a Fanpage to help you out!   If you want, you can even manage your all social media from exterior platforms like Social Oomph and Hootsuite. However, the point is, they need to be managed. The key to social media is the social part. You actually have to interact with your community.

Social media is just an advertising switch you have to flip

20 years ago, you would have purchased a print ad in a local newspaper. Today you post that same ad on your Facebook fan page. The awesome difference is, you get to actually engage with people and respond in real time to their reaction to your “advertisement.” Now seriously, come on. How awesome is that? It’s almost like a newspaper you picked up at Hogsmeade, but better because the people don’t just wave, they talk back! That’s got to be a sliver of personal communication- right?

Cave. It is essential to your business. If you have questions or need help, post a comment or email me. I got you, sister!

20 responses to “Cave to the Facebook Pressure”

  1. Great information. I have to admit, I don’t use social media as much as I should for my business, but this is a great reminder that it really is here to stay and is the new form of advertising now a days. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Aimelie. If we think about social media as tools for our business instead of ‘time suckers’ or distractions, it’s easier to get over the hump! 🙂

  2. Hey! I love your writing style. I’ve turned into a social media junky, but I don’t think I will EVER get my head around Twitter haha. Thanks for your post 🙂

    1. Thank you Sonja! I try to be as authentic as possible and write in the voice I actually speak in. It has definitely left me at odds with my internal grammar nazi, but so far authenticity is winning the battle.

      oh Twitter. I certainly don’t use it to its highest potential </3. When I'm active on Twitter, I'm usually getting sucked into a political vortex as I wander down the rabbit hole of feminism and girl power. It's not my social media of choice for yoga + yoga studios, lately I've been jammin on Instagram. it all ebbs and flows though, right?

  3. Terra, I am a yoga teacher and a life coach and love connecting with my students and clients through facebook. I love that I can create a global community from the comfort of my home! And it’s certainly fabulous that many of my posts get shared and I get lots of new clients that way!

    1. So glad to hear that, Lana!
      This post was actually prompted after I read a thread on the Yoga Alliance Community forums. It was a thread about not wanting to create a business page. I was shocked to learn that there are still people out there that have a serious aversion to social media (marketing). I guess I have some pretty thick walls in this bubble of mine 🙂

  4. I’m not a huge fan of social media, but I do understand that it’s here to stay and have, thus, caved. I’m decent on Facebook. I get it. Everyone in the world is there. Literally. So, in terms of marketing, it would just be counter productive to NOT engage with people there. Twitter….yeah, whole different story! 🙂

    1. Welcome to the party, Andrea 😛
      FYI – Twitter is one of my least favorite forms of Social Media too. Mostly because of the incessant, improper usage of #’s – which I am totally guilty of. It almost makes me hate myself a little. HAHAHAAAA

  5. Your post is spot on, Terra! I’ve also encouraged biz owners who are *completely* technology averse (don’t even have a webpage) to create a Facebook Page as a starting point since it’s so easy to set-up, update, and interact with.

    1. Thanks, Jen! You’re comment means a lot to me as you’re such a techy guru! 🙂 Marketing is a peculiar hump for many traditional yogini’s to get over. I only hope that more and more are letting go of this form of attachment! 😉

  6. […] moments on Facebook.  (Yes, it’s a time sucker, but it’s also an integral part of growing your business, and this social media junkie loves it).  I  am a member of a ton of Facebook Groups (probably […]

  7. Thanks for this post! I am a bit of social media/web designing fanatic, so I’m glad to know that there are yoga teachers out there, who also enjoy social media and think its a great tool!

    1. Thanks Ashley. It’s great to meet another yogini + online junkie 😛

  8. Terra,
    Great post! I have caved to the Facebook pressure but feel like it is free advertising for my business. Although I blog regularly and send out a newsletter, Facebook (and all of social media) is more of an opportunity to connect with your tribe on a daily basis. I would love to read a blog post that covers your suggestions on building your “fans” on Facebook. I’m sure you can share some of your tricks with us:).

  9. OMGeez…I have a love/hate relationship with FB. I really do LOVE social media – and the paradox is that that’s the problem…it’s a time suck. So, I love to be on it, but I really need to curb my time on it. I’ve been trying to create specific productivity habits that seem to help, without losing that genuine touch with my audience, and I love hearing from them! It’s def a fine balance:)

    1. Ah Desiree- it took me a long time to work productivity in there. Lol. So I definitely hear you on that one!!

  10. The reason that I am not on Facebook is that I don’t want details of my personal or professional life to belong to the Facebook company. If other people are happy to give their photos, etc., to Facebook, who then profit from them, that is their choice, but I am not prepared to do that (and Facebook users should respect that by not uploading photos/details of other people without getting their permission first). Maybe more people are on Facebook than not, but that doesn’t make it a good thing to do. Don’t run with the herd. The herd doesn’t always know where it’s going. There are many other ways to boost your business without making the Facebook people richer!

    1. I totally get your desire to keep your personal and professional life safe and private. My “legal” world is nowhere near my “yoga” world. That being said, your business can absolutely use Facebook to its advantage, without getting your private life involved (for free, without paying for FB adspots). The business just needs to maintain a fanpage. While a personal account is required to create a business fanpage, you can keep the personal account on a privacy lock down, without adding photos or engaging in any way. To me, it feels like WIN-WIN

      Thanks for taking the time to express your side of things! I think you’ve prompted me to write a post about utilizing FB for your business without putting your private life out there!! 🙂

  11. Hmm, but even having a fanpage means engaging with the Facebook company, and I don’t want to do that. I just think that Facebook is a really bad thing (misuse of personal information, lack of privacy, people disrespecting their families and friends and strangers by talking about them in a public domain,people disrespecting their family and friends and strangers right to privacy by uploading photos of them without their permission, cybercriminals getting your details, people giving the Facebook company copyright to photos which feature me without my permission, etc., etc.), and I’m not willing to compromise myself on that belief for any reasons.

    Some yoga teachers are guilty of disrespeting their students on Facebook. Many take photos of their students in class, without their permission, upload those photos to Facebook for marketing reasons, again without permission and then, even when it is pointed out to them they think that the student who is complaining about it is “uptight”. They don’t seem to get that they are the ones who acted in a thoughtless way and disrespected their students by assuming that an acitivity that works for them should work for everybody else too.

    If a yoga teacher decides to engage with Facebook some of the things that they should consider are:

    1. Not everybody is on Facebook. I know many people who aren’t. These people should be included in the yoga community too. It shouldn’t be the case that because you choose not to be on Facebook that you are excluded from the community, as is often the case. Facebook is one way to communicate with people, but not the only way.
    2. They should not discuss their students on Facebook.
    3. They should not upload any photos of students without their permission.
    4. They should not think that students who are not on Facebook are “weird”. That is a very narrowminded approach and yoga is about opening the mind, right?

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