Inspiration + Illumination

Where does inspiration come from? What starts it?  What stops it?  Most importantly, how can we stay nose deep in its good juju? Great questions, right?  Listen, if I had the answers to those questions for every single person I wouldn’t be working from 9-5 to pay off those law school loans!  I don’t have the answers for everyone. I barely found the answers for myself! Inspiration is just different for everyone. I get inspiration from so many different things. Sometimes it’s a person I admire. Sometimes it’s music. Sometimes it’s a flower or an animal or a sunset. I don’t usually analyze the hows or whys of my inspirational muse.  I am simply happy I am connected to it.

Lyrics – Robert Hunter, Music – Jerry Garcia The Grateful Dead, Terrapin Station

Right now I am feeling seriously inspired. Buzzing.  In the flow. Things are clicking without pressure. I keep wondering “why?”.  What did I change? What switch was flipped? Is there some deeper reason that things are jiving?  And here’s the thing, for me, it doesn’t turn on like The Clapper.  It’s a culmination. It’s the evolution of a significant amount of soul work and change.  It’s testing the waters. Letting go of old beliefs and habits and trying out new ones.  It’s digging into the how and why of Me.  It’s releasing and breaking free from the roles I felt I needed to play to find my true path.

I have been bushwhacking for a long time. Wandering down narrow and crooked trails only to realize I needed to turn around go back.  I have all these special talents and experiences that I’ve accumulated in my life.  Small business experience, marketing experience, branding, copy write, yoga, life-spiritual-business coaching, teaching, workshop development, legal experience, campaign experience… The list is crazy, which resume do you want? How the F do I wrap it all into one thing?

Last year I was spiritually and emotionally drawn in a different direction than my LBG business partner. That and complete and total burn out drove me to leave the company. Since then, I’ve been trying to answer the question “How the F do I pull it together?“.  There are too many things to love.  I can’t work on just one project. I’m in love with my curiosity and diversity.   I’ve purchased books (shocker), joined Facebook Groups (even bigger shocker) participated in teleclasses and webinars (I know, pick your jaw up off the floor) and I went back to school trying to find the single thread that pulls it together.

A week and a half ago, I signed up for yet another workshop and Facebook group, The Creative Courage Workshop. This time it was free. I’ve gone through Girls Guide to Web Design and I know Amanda puts out great content.  I figured I would continue to brush up on my Photoshop and Illustrator skills and maybe learn some new tricks to put in my back pocket.

I had no idea I was going to find my thread.

On Day 2 of the workshop I filled out my Creative Courage Brand Questionnaire.  I have filled out brand questionnaires lots of times before. I have even created them for clients to fill out lots of times before. But for some reason (the alignment of the Universe perhaps?) this time something in me changed. I was able to put my finger on the pulse of my passion. For the first time I was able to see myself with clarity.  I understand my gifts and my strengths, I acknowledge my weakness, and I know my desire.  I now have a razor sharp vision of exactly how I need to string it all together.It’s funny that a graphic design freebie workshop was able to illuminate my dharma.

Inspiration comes when you least expect it, you just have to keep your eyes (and heart) open. <~~~ Tweet That

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  1. so much wonderful information on here, : D.

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