The 1/3 Permission Slip

I had another HD reading last week with Lara from Aura Minerals. Lara is a gem and her Human Design Codex is nothing short of outstanding. There’s literally more information in there for me to chew on than there was in the “training manual” from my first human design course (there are so many people out there offering reader trainings right now the essence of Human Design just keeps getting further and further diluted).

I get something new from each reading I have. It’s dependent upon the reader, their training, their focus (astrological, transit based or something else) and what energy I have to offer during our call/zoom…and yes, I still think it’s appropriate to have someone read my Bodygraph even though I know how to read it on my own. I am just starting to dig into Rave Cartography now, there are so many layers!

Learning my Human Design profile was reassurance that I wasn’t an indecisive, ADHD, fuck up. The Investigative Martyr 1/3 profile (hate that title btw) is the first of the 12 profiles in human design and it’s the only profile with both lines in the lower trigram (the hexagram taken from the I-Ching). It literally says in my human journey I am designed to investigate (learn), bump into things, figure out how they do or don’t work and share that with the world. it also says that I have a deeply internal destiny and I can be a bit of a chameleon. I can’t count the number of times a new friend has told me “it’s like you’ve lived the lives of 5 adults before the age of 40” (suppose I’ll need to change that to 50 soon enough).

Human design is so fascinating. There are so many layers. The art of differentiation is like the many layers of 19th Century impressionism. Just when you think you have it mastered a sliver of an idea of yourself and your path, someone teaches you to look at it another way.

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