Video Killed the Health Coach Star….

Radio Star, Health Coach Star. either works 😉 what it boils down to is this…. I think the television is making me lazy and stupid. If not lazy and stupid, it’s simply zapping my inspiration, creativity and motivation!


Before I started living with Stephen, I never watched television. Now I find my ass on the couch at a minimum of 4 hours per day. Holy crap, that is sickening! Granted, I am not necessarily watching TV during those hours (usually obsessing over sites like WeddingBee, StylemePretty and OnceWed…but I am on my computer for at least that amount…while sitting on the couch, in front of a television that is ON.
How the hell did this happen? And why did it take me over a year to realize this? Who knows. The important thing is I realize that the television is making me lazy and stupid. Add that to the challenge – less tv. I am going to have to actually work in my office or at the dining room table. Sirius or NPR will be more stimulating. And maybe I’ll find my voice and ability to blog and write again and let my creative juices flow again…
One can only hope.

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