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Affordable Health Care + Yoga?!

Yoga studio owners and full time teachers have a number of things in common.  We've made our passion our profession and  in essence, we're yoga evangelists - We will talk to whoever, whenever about how much we love yoga and how it absolutely will change your life. We've usually experienced some sort of emotional and/or… Continue reading Affordable Health Care + Yoga?!

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Friday Faves

It's Friday, and these are a few of my favorite things..... Getting in touch with the MUCH First up, Muchness Bands made by my favorite Muchy girl, Tova Gold over at Finding My Muchness.  Muchness Bands are gorgeous satin and sequin tie bands that come in a rainbow of colors and inspiration. The best thing… Continue reading Friday Faves


The Summer of Me

I just finished up my first semester in the MCIS program. I think I squeaked out with an A.  It's a good place to start.  I am still all over the place with the concentration of my degree program.  The research projects that I worked on this semester for my Communication Research class all revolved… Continue reading The Summer of Me


Eating for Fertility Part III: Superfoods for Super Baby Making

In Part I and Part II of Eating for Fertility we discussed aphrodisiacs and fertility and incorporating whole foods for optimal preconception health. In Part III, we're diving into SUPERFOODS! Superfoods are the most potent, super concentrated, and nutrient rich foods on the planet. They boost immunity, alkalize the body, elevate serotonin production and enhance… Continue reading Eating for Fertility Part III: Superfoods for Super Baby Making

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Eating for Fertility: Part II

In Eating for Fertility Part I, I explored the connection between aphrodisiacs and fertility. Now lets really dig into fertility health. What you put in your mouth before conception is just as important as after! Preconception health awareness should start 6 months to one year before conception. And this should include both parents. That's right… Continue reading Eating for Fertility: Part II

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All I want is Food and Creative Love

 Eating for Fertility Part I in celebration of National Pregnancy Month! Pardon the Rusted Root reference (all I want is food and creative love) but considering food and love have been bedfellows for centuries, I thought it was appropriate. Food and love, sounds like a fresh new relationship, doesn't it? You know, the blissful ones,… Continue reading All I want is Food and Creative Love