The New Meaning of “Drinking Your Dinner”

When I was in law school, I used to “drink my dinner” all the time. First, second and third course was a Becks followed by a dessert of some sort of fruity shot. Unless I was feeling exceptionally rowdie, in which case, first, second and third course was a sweet Makers manhattan with two cherries. Who needs dessert when you have cherries in your dinner?

Oh how the times have changed.

Tonight my dinner consisted of 4 carrots

Five oranges:

and a chunk of ginger. But of course, I am drinking it from a Basil T’s beer mug

I guess for this blog, I should be writing about all things wedding and some things yoga. But in the present moment, my life is all things juice.  It has been 48 hours and I’m tired of drinking and I’m tired of peeing.  Seriously, do you know how much you pee when you drink 32 ounces of liquid for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. OMG A LOT!

Honestly, yesterday was painful.  For those of you who plan on juicing or doing a liquid cleanse, don’t take a zumba class on the day you start and don’t follow it up by teaching a yoga class. You won’t have enough calories to sustain the activity and you’ll end up with a blistering headache.  Yowch.  I should have known better. Lesson (re)learned.

One response to “The New Meaning of “Drinking Your Dinner””

  1. People seem to be more and more interested in such ways of having dinner…but I can’t give up yet to my traditional dinner…I enjoy it too much.

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