Tortured By Your Bestie….

See this girl

That’s my bff Angie. This picture is a few years old and we have both gotten better with age. She’s the amazing jeweler that is designing my engagement ring.  I adore her. She knows me better than anyone. Ironically we only get to see one another every 3-6 months as she lives in Quebec and I am all the way down at the Jersey Shore.

Angie will be one of my maids of honor (yeah, I am having two!). We met in 1999 through a chat website called The Spark. On line geeks over a decade ago!! I was trying to avoid briefing cases in law school and Angie was a French Canadian trying to blend into Texas. We actually can’t remember the exact day we finally met face to face because we were blinded by instant adoration of one another.

While I love my bestie….ahhhhhhh she is torturing me! I am so damn impatient, I want my pretty bling right now!  Stephen loves it that out time line is now on her shoulders. He just grins and says “it’s out of my hands! Talk to Angie”

Pressuring your best friend for your engagement ring = not cool!!!

So alas, I sit and wait, knowing it will be worth it.  The wort part? That would be the torturing emails. Last week she emailed me:

“This made me think of you:



seriously!!! soaidfjadsnf;qw3iu41p23kjb32;l!!!!

aaaaah I love you Angie!

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