The Darshana Collective

‘Darshana’ is a Sanskrit term meaning  “sight” (in the sense of an instance of seeing or beholding; form the root drishti “to see”), vision, apparition, or glimpse.

A ‘Collective’ is the formation of a whole, individual characteristics taken together.

The Darshana Collective is a boutique agency providing creative communication + righteous strategy for Yoginis on a Mission.

The Darshana Collective works with yoga studios, teachers, energy workers and conscious companies who have incredible gifts to share but are frustrated with the down + dirty of business strategy  and marketing design. We tap into your vision and amplify your message.

Since its inception, The Darshana Collective has embraced a set of values that has shaped our culture and the way we do business. Today, these values, together with our vision and mission, serve as guidance for our business strategies, client interaction and future growth.

Our Vision

We envision every bliss chaser, light worker, peace maker and earth keeper empowered with the knowledge and skills to create abundance for themselves and others.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower each of our clients the ability to

  • Tap into their vision + create a business that reflects their passion
  • Define, ignite and boldly live their brand
  • Create profitable businesses that benefit communities

Our Guiding Values

Creativity. (Tapas)

We will:

  • give credence to our inner fire.
  • tap into our inner alchemy and release ignorance
  • strive to apply innovative thinking and creativity in every decision.
  • promote an innovative culture and attitude.

Authenticity. (Satya)

We will:

  • speak the truth
  • lead with our heart and trust our intuition
  • be courageous and dream
  • commit to excellence, not perfection

Compassion. (Ahimsa)

We will:

  • understand the circumstances and viewpoints of others
  • develop the capacity to forgive others and ourselves
  • celebrate the contributions of others
  • promote a peaceful, caring and safe work environment


We will:

  • stand up for our beliefs
  • be ethically unyielding and honest.
  • fulfill commitments and promises
  • ensure our behavior mirrors our words
  • take responsibility for our actions


Our business is dedicated to the greater yoga community. We believe through this kula we can change the world.  Through community we eliminate competition, jealousy and animosity. We strive at all times to unite rather than divide.

 Speak boldly. Change the world.

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