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5 Ways to bring in Additional Income as a Yoga Teacher

Making a living as a yoga teacher isn't always what it's cracked up to be. It's hard work and contrary to popular belief, it's not just getting all bendy + flexy in the yoga room + looking awesome in your sassy Onzies - you have to actually get off your asana and hustle.  This means… Continue reading 5 Ways to bring in Additional Income as a Yoga Teacher

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Finding Your Awesome-Sauce

This morning I was catching up on my  Huff Post reading from last week's vacation. Huff Post is my morning candy. I eat it up with my coffee after breakfast and before I blow dry my hair. This morning I smirked when I read the title : Yoga: The New Career Path for Corporate Execs. The… Continue reading Finding Your Awesome-Sauce

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Snark, Pooping Unicorns + Getting Off Your Ass

This morning I read an article on Recovering Yogi , 5 ways to make $#!^loads of money with yoga. If you're not familiar with RY, it's a community blog whose mission "is to provide a forum for those who are bored with vacuous yoga culture and trite “spiritual” talk.". I read RY sporadically, mainly because… Continue reading Snark, Pooping Unicorns + Getting Off Your Ass

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One of my greatest challenges as a yoga instructor is my personal practice. Sounds silly. When I was teaching, I taught 5 yoga classes a week. You would think a personal practice should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. oh so very wrong. One of the biggest reasons I scaled-back on teaching was the… Continue reading IMperfect(ions)