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Cave to the Facebook Pressure

The irony of blogging about Facebook to a culture + generation of people that are averse to joining social media platforms: is anyone going to benefit from this post?! oh hellz yeah. Someone is going to read my words of wisdom and tell their mother's brother's cousin's best friend's aunt's sister. BAM! viral. Just. Like.… Continue reading Cave to the Facebook Pressure


Of Self Preservation and Social Media

I am passionate about a number of things but the big ones tend to revolve around women (feminism), environment and politics. It's the interconnection of feminism, environmentalism, politics, activism and spirituality - otherwise known as [modern] ecofeminism. My personal soap boxes include reproductive justice (including abortion, birth choice, breast feeding and maternity rights), the right… Continue reading Of Self Preservation and Social Media


Critical Thinking and Run-On Sentences

Yesterday I read a piece in the Washington Post entitled¬†A warning to college professors from a high school teacher, by Valerie Strauss. It was the reprint of a letter that first appeared in Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors by Kenneth Bernstein.¬† It's a searing criticism of 2001's No Child Left… Continue reading Critical Thinking and Run-On Sentences