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Is anyone else here Pintrest obsessed?  Pintrest has made me realize how much of a DIY-slacker I have become. I was the vintage-crafty-DIY-queen when I was planning our wedding. Since then, my office/craft room has become a cluttered catch-all for homeless items. From mail to dog food to winter blankets, you name it. I need to hire my friend Tatum, the Organizta to help me figure it all out.

In the meantime, here are some pintresting things I may some day find the time to do!

This is a far in the future DIY thing. I dream of a kitchen with a chalkboard wall for healthy menu planning, to do lists, affirmations and love notes. I would just like it to be a cheery color! Until Pintrest, I thought chalkboard paint only came in black! When the Hubs and I finally buy a house in our not too distant future, one of the kitchen walls WILL be painted with this!!

DIY Chalkboard Paint

Two years ago I fell in love with a ruffle shower curtain from Anthropologie. It was white and pink and peach and absolutely dreamy. It was also over $100. Yeah, not going to happen! This week I stumbled upon a DIY Ruffle shower curtain tutorial on Pinterest! As soon as my office/craft room is cleaned up, you better believe I am breaking out the sewing machine for this puppy. If I can sew labels into 300+ shirts for LBG, I can definitely swing this thing of beauty!

Ruffled beauty. Anthropologie knock-off

If any of you are already following my Pintrest boards, you have probably noticed I have a bit of a wreath obsession. Who needs a whole board dedicated to wreaths? Apparently I do. I have no explanation for it, so I’ll blame it on my mother. My current wreath infatuation is with this living succulent wreath from

Living Succulents Wreath

And last on the DIY Pinteresting list is a chair makeover using old men’s ties. I have an amazing dining room table that seats 8 (in storage) that my Great Grandfather made. It was my parents wedding gift in 1967. I love it. When I was a kid I used to lay on the bench and color on the underside of it with pencils and red crayons. Bad little Terra(or). My scribblings are still there. It has 4 tall backed chairs with straw seats in addition to the long bench. The straw has definitely seen better days. All I need to do is hit the Goodwill for men’s ties and I can bring them back to life!

Tie weave seat

These are definitely lofty DIY goals for someone that has 2 small businesses to run in addition to a new 9-5 job! But somewhere I AM going to fit them in!

Are you Pintrest-obsessed? Does Pintrest make you day dream in DIY?
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Four for Friday

I just decided to start a new thang.

Four for Friday.  Every Friday I’m going to post four things that I’m loving for the week.

Bliss Chaser. I got bliss!

First up is this crazy cute hat. It comes from a pretty amazing woman, Jac at ❤ All Things Bliss ❤  She’s a Vegas chick that is on a one woman mission to share bliss around the word one day at a time.  Her energy is infectious….like a bliss disease spreading positivity.  The amazing thing about Jac and her bliss movement is it isn’t just online. It’s out there in the real world! (Notice moi, wearing one of her got bliss? hats).  You should get a little bliss in your life. Check out her facebook page, follow her blog and get some bliss gear and tag yourself on her map.  The world needs more bliss!

Next up is my Mind Body Online Iphone App.  I literally check it every. single. day. morning, afternoon and evening trying to figure out where I’m going to sneak my next yoga class in. It has a few bugs, it’s not the most perfect app out there, but it’s the best to find local yoga classes. The one thing that I find frustrating, is studios that don’t use Mind Body software (they’re a yoga studio/spa scheduling software company) don’t come up in the ap. Usually I am not a fan of monopolies, but for the sake of my yoga practice, I wish every studio used this software so my app listings would be complete!

Juice it, blend it, sautee it, EAT IT!

Ok so number three is nothing new. We’ve had a love affair for a few years now. I’ve even introduced him to a few friends of mine. They mostly have a love hate relationship with him, it’s not the passionate love affair that we have. Yep. I’m talking about kale. Kale is one of the most healthy dark-leafy greens around. It’s almost like the super food of the cruciferous veggies. It’s packed with vitamins A, C, E and K, high in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorous and zinc. You may find him bitter, if you’re not used to eating him, but keep trying. You’ll learn to fall madly in love with him, just like me 🙂

Lastly, PINTREST. Don’t tell me you don’t know what it is. It’s vision board crack! I manage two accounts (it’s like having double the addiction), the ADK Jersey Girl pintrest boards (my own personal board) and the LBG pintrest board. When I first signed up for my ADK Jersey Girl account on Pintrest I had two thoughts….”why the hell didn’t I know about you when I was planning my wedding?!!?!!!!” and “wow, dudes actually use this?”  While I’m still a little bitter over the lack of pintrest during my wedding planning, from a social networking and marketing perspective, it’s brilliant. If you have a business, you should be on there.