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More curves in the road of life…..

Life is always interesting and ever changing. Change is one of those things that I have always thrived on. When I was younger, I would create change by simply packing my bags and starting fresh in a new city. The older you get,  it seems that the less geographically mobile you can be. I’m not sure how the Hubs would take it if he came home and I told him pack your bags, we’re moving to Santa Fe, NM.

We’re not moving to New Mexico.

But I do have some pretty big news. I just signed an offer letter to work at Rutgers University.  I am excited about it and angsty all at the same time. Excited because this job will give the Hubs and I more breathing room financially. Angsty because it has been 2 years since I have worked in a 9-5 job setting.

What does all of this mean for LBG, yoga and my INspired Life Wellness Coaching?  Well, not much is changing besides my schedule, really.  I have already paired down my yoga teaching schedule. I did this a couple of months ago to work on developing my own practice (that has had its highs and lows, but that’s another blog post entirely).  LBG is still going strong. We’re a new company and we have had our fair share of growing pains as all start ups do. Nancy and I continue to be focused, determined and INspired to bring the Living INside Out Manifesto and philosophy to the masses. We have lots of plans up our sleeves, but  you’ll all have to wait until they are properly brewed.

The biggest change will be the scheduling of my private clients. No more day time hours. I will only be able to work with people in the early morning and evening hours. It will be challenging, but in the long run I am happy with my decision. Over the past few weeks I have had a number of doula client inquiries. Unfortunately, this is the one thing that I will have to let go of for the time being. 9-5 jobs just don’t mesh well with labor and delivery.

Inspiration, Yoga


One of my greatest challenges as a yoga instructor is my personal practice. Sounds silly, I teach 5 yoga classes a week, a personal practice should be a piece of cake, right? Wrong. oh so very wrong. It seems as if the hardier my teaching schedule is the less “time” I have for my own personal practice. Teaching yoga is not a personal practice. It is a gift you give to another person, but it is not a gift you give to yourself. Practicing yoga is a gift you give to yourself.

Generally, I am not one for making New Year’s resolutions but as we moved through January this was at the forefront of my mind. My practice, and yogic education (which should be never ending) seemed stagnant. So, I consciously made the choice to dive head first back into my practice.  Taking 4 classes a week, on top of teaching 5 classes a week, seems like a lot, but it feels amazing. It’s my own little way of immersing myself back into the one thing (besides my fiance) that I am in love with.

Choosing to step back from my private health counseling practice and take an active role in the ownership of Live. Breathe. Grow. wasn’t a decision I took lightly.  It was one way of immersing myself back into yoga. It’s not that I don’t enjoy health coaching, but living my yoga feels so much more in line with my spirit.

In many ways I struggled as a heath coach, mostly over my lack of perfection. It’s the virgo in me to want to fit in to the perfect healthy mold. I wanted my belly to be flat, my arms and legs long and lean and I wanted not to reach for the salty and sweet snacks when emotions ran high. I couldn’t necessarily achieve that and while my clients were successful and loved me as a health coach, inside I felt like a failure.  Which was not easy for the virgo in me to accept. Virgos are perfection.

The perfectionist in me struggles on the mat. In each yoga class I teach, I remind my students “this is your time on your mat. Let go of judgement. Dive into yourself and love your practice.”  When you teach and neglect your personal practice, it’s extremely hard to practice what you preach…or teach.

Coming back into my personal practice is helping me let go of my imperfections.  On Tuesday, Nancy and I took a yoga class with Wendy, one of our beloved teachers.  While working on eka pada koundiyanasana variations and pincha mayurasana consciously tried to let go of any “imperfections.” I kept my focus inside and on my mat. I let go of judgement, I didn’t look around to see the other people in the yoga room and I came closer to my perfect than I ever have.  It felt amazing….and a lightbulb went off.

I have short humeri.  My upper arms are just short. My elbow doesn’t even reach my floating rib. How could I have never noticed this before in my life?

This lightbulb was more like a flood light. It allowed my heart to soften for myself. My palms have never reached the mat in staff pose. I always attributed it to extra padding around my waist and hips. On Tuesday I realized that is not the case. I could be a string bean, with 10% body fat and my palms would still not reach the mat in staff pose. My palms will never reach the mat in staff pose. I have short humerus(es).

I find it almost ridiculous that it took me over 10 years of practice to come to this conclusion. But we’re all works in progress right? Each one of us is IMperfect. And that is ok.

Have you ever had a lightbulb moment over your IMperfect..ions?



It’s NEVER too late to change what you want to BE when you GROW up

For me, after each New Year celebration I take time for reflection and rebirth. As I look back on 2010 I am amazed at at the growth Sprouting Wellness experienced.  We grew our Facebook fanpage from 0 to over 600 fans, helped 11 women along their path to wellness, assisted in 3 births, taught yoga classes and workshops at 6 different yoga and wellness studios in New Jersey, held 5 teleseminars and I published my first downloadable e-book. My head simply spins with gratitude when I think about how much my life has changed in 365 days. None of this would have been possible if I didn’t make a conscious decision to create goals and live authentically according to my values and passion.

Teaching clients to live authentically is the most important goal I have in my health coaching practice. Happiness, health and even prosperity only come when we connect with our own personal passion and mission statement.  It is with this in mind that I have made the decision to pursue an opportunity outside of Sprouting Wellness. On January 20th, I became the co-owner of Live. Breathe. Grow. yoga apparel company based in New Jersey.  Live. Breathe. Grow. is the culmination of inspiration, passion and dedication of my two dear friends and co-founders, Nancy Buckle and Heather Priel. Heather has decided to step down and follow her passion of opening a yoga studio, My Om Town Yoga in Westfield NJ with friend and fellow yogini Estrella Martins.

Live. Breathe. Grow. was created to reach out to and inspire women across the lifespan and the globe, by encouraging the development of a personal path leading to a greater sense of peace and purpose in life. Our hope is that our T-shirts will inspire women to stand in the truth and beauty of who they are along and help them tap into that energy and harness it for whatever purpose that moves them. Inspiration comes in many forms and one way to reach people everywhere is through an empowering message on a T-shirt.  We believe, in its simplest form, an empowering message can encourage people to live a life they love and bring their spirit into their every day lives and relationships.

My yoga, health coaching and life’s mission is to empower women to nurture their inner strength, balance and peace. I will continue this mission by bringing my energy and commitment to Live. Breathe. Grow.  Sprouting Wellness will continue to partner with local wellness studios and stores to offer yoga, wellness workshops and group health coaching, however after March 1, 2011 I will no longer be taking on private health coaching or birth doula clients.  I am so very excited about this new path on my journey and hope that Sprouting Wellness fans and former clients will continue to support me in this change.

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Has your career evolved over the past year?