In Yo Face Friday

Sometimes I feel bogged down. Juggling too many balls. Life gets in the way. I get in my own way.  It’s hard. Running a business is hard. Having a job is hard. being a wife is hard.  Life can be hard.  You know what makes it easier, I mean, besides a personal assistant?  Gratitude.  And when you truly begin to practice gratitude life begins to unfold and blossom in amazing ways. You become the a powerful maker of your own destiny and a manifesting master.

For a long time, I was ungrateful resentful of my legal education. I felt only as if it were a ball and chain of debt, holding me back from what I really wanted to do. It took me a long time to let go of the resentment and just deal with it. Once the resentment was gone, I slowly became grateful. Grateful that I had the skills to assist my clients with filing LLCs, negotiating contracts, understanding liability. Now that I am grateful for my legal background, that aspect of my business is flourishing. I am continuing to help yoga teachers and studios in new, creative ways.  It’s all part of the master design, but it didn’t fall together until I started practicing gratitude.


In Yo Face Friday

Happy Friday!

I’m going to try to keep this one short and sweet.

For the past month my facebook feed has been blowing up with gratitude posts; #day1 #gratitude, #novembergratitude and a bazillion other hashtags that I don’t care to remember.

And it pisses me off.

Gratitude is not a trend. It’s not the red headed step child only talked about in November. Please don’t get your panties in a twist if you’ve tweeted out 22 days of thanks in your Facebook feed. I am not demeaning your personal expressions gratitude. What I am doing is challenging you to be grateful every. damn. day.  Not just 30 days in November.


Keep a little journal next to your bed. Each morning when you wake up write down 1-5 things you are grateful for.  Join the Spreading Gratitude Facebook Group run by my dear friend, Brother Jason and post your gratitude on line.


When this practice becomes habit weave it into your thought pattern throughout your day. As you’re stuck in traffic look out the window, be grateful for the amazing sunset, the birds flying by, the construction workers making our roads safe, the fact that you have the means to travel by car! What the fuck ever. Just Be grateful. Every. Damn. Day. <~~~~ Tweet it

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Living Positively through Gratitude

Last night one of my close friends called me crying. She was heartbroken because her son had just left for bootcamp. He joined the Marines. She kept apologizing for breaking down and not “keeping it together.” She’s a super mom and one of those women that does it all and is there for everyone else, all. the. time. She amazes me on so many levels. She also kept saying that she couldn’t help but think the worst. I was so honored that she called me to let it all out, really meant so much to me. And the best thing that I could give her, was to stay positive. Then she asked me how and my only answer was gratitude.

There aren’t many out there that haven’t seen The Secret these days, it’s Oprah mainstream.  We all know about the Law of Attraction, and we all know the power of positivity.  But The Secret doesn’t really give you a manual or how-to for positive thinking. They just tell you to do it.  But how do you flip the positivity switch?

Live in Gratitude. Create a gratitude journal, write a list of 10 things that you are grateful for. Then write 10 more things. Then 10 more. Write 10 things every morning that you’re grateful for. This list becomes more powerful as it gets longer and as it gets more detailed. The longer the better, star including brief descriptions.

The more you pour into your gratitude journal, the more happiness you will bring into your life and the easier it will be for positive thoughts to replace negative. Gratitude simply the key to a happier life.

Today I am grateful for  Stephen, for dear friends that value my friendship enough to let their guards down and cry, for my yoga practice, for my business partners, for my amazing maid of honor, for the ability to follow my dreams, for being in Oprah magazine, for a mother that is as excited about planning a wedding as I am, for my health, for the health of my family, for my clients, for teaching yoga. Im grateful for you, for reading this blog.

What are you grateful for?