Happy Equal Pay Day

Are YOU making an equal amount to your male counterpart in your place of employment? I know I am not.  I have greater academic credentials and I am licensed.  Sadly, I also have boobs.

This gap was unknown to me when I was hired.  You best believe I am going to bring it up next month during my review!

The Lily Leadbetter Act is awesome and important – it gives us the right to file equal-pay lawsuits, but it’s not enough. It shouldn’t take a lawsuit for a woman to receive equal pay. How about we just do it right the first time around?  Equal pay for Equal work – it’s not rocket science.

“Each year, National Equal Pay Day reflects how far into the current year women must work to match what men earned in the previous year.” – US Department of Labor

Awesome infographic from Nerdwallet:

Spirit Airlines' Passenger Usage Fee
Via: NerdWallet

Now, get off your unequal ass (with me) and lets do something about that pay gap!!