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5 Ways to bring in Additional Income as a Yoga Teacher

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Making a living as a yoga teacher isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. It’s hard work and contrary to popular belief, it’s not just getting all bendy + flexy in the yoga room + looking awesome in your sassy Onzies – you have to actually get off your asana and hustle.  This means planning, marketing, saving, organizing and seeking alternative methods of income. Every self employed person should currently be drafting their plan for 2014. How am I going to pay my bills? What is it going to take to get to the next level?  How am I going to make enough more money teaching yoga?

5 ways to boost your teaching income 

Privates. Seems like a no brainer, right? WRONG. I can’t tell you how many teachers I meet that just don’t offer or don’t market private yoga sessions. If you secure 2-3 private clients per week, you will practically double (if not more than double) your teaching income.  Newly certified teachers can comfortably charge $50-$75 per session while seasoned vets can command up to $200 per session.  Make sure you work with the studio managers where you teach – be straight up with them about wanting to build your private practice. They may help you by contributing space + marketing  (for a small piece of the pie – don’t forget to negotiate).  DO NOT get all sneaky about it. This is a sure fire way to loose a great gig!

Niche Workshops. Remember a week or so I talked about Awesome Sauce?  Well this falls right in line with that.  Yoga is big, fat and diverse. Find one specific aspect of it that turns you on and dig in full force. Then spread your knowledge like herpes… ok gross… just contact studios and let them know you have some Awesome Sauce to dish.  When I finished my first 200hr training, I was also big into hooping. I birthed my first tiny biz, Karma Hoops Yoga from $0 to $18,000 in revenue within 5 months. 1/3 of that came from the hoops I was making, 1/3 came from teaching and the other 1/3 came from workshops. One specific workshop in fact  – Chakra Hoop Meditation.  It was a funky class that started with a little vinyasa flow and moved into some intense (yet meditative) hooping + chanting.  People couldn’t get enough of it.  It was different. It was colorful + playful. It was Yoga and hooping and chanting.  And because it was unique, I had the ability to take the workshop to lots of spaces outside of my home studio. My friend Jess rocks her Awesome Sauce out with Yoga + Hiking. It’s her dash of personality. She’s more than just asana.  I promise, there’s more to YOU than Just asana.  So, what is it?    Figure that shit and marry it to your yoga.  Then go workshop it up!

Don’t forget to charge what you’re worth! Offer peanuts and you’ll attract monkeys!

Writing. If you’re good at it and you like it, check Virtual Vocations on the regular. They have weekly updates on paid for blogging opportunities. Blogging ain’t easy. Ask any crafty blogger on Pintrest. It actually takes a shit load of time and effort.  That being said it’s a GREAT way to get exposure, which will lead to additional income. All the big editorial sites take submissions (.01% of them pay for submissions). Get writing and share your words. Their readers will be so wowed + turned on by your thoughtful, spunky jive they will click through to your site.   WOOHOOO you just got more traffic on your website/blog!!

Which leads me to suggestion number 4….

Products. You need to have a little bit of a sales bug for this one. But lets be honest – students gobble up what yoga teachers dish out and are always looking for more. So you have a couple of options here. Option 1 : create your own yoga product once and turn it into passive income on your site (ie Class Download, Guided Meditation etc.)  Option 2. design the hippest, catchiest tee shirt, mug, panties whatever and to sell them on your through  Zazzle and Cafe Press. Option 3:  create a webstore and become an Amazon Affiliate and peddle stuff you love that can be purchased on Amazon.   You could also monetize your site with blogsvertise, depending on how you feel about advertising on your little chunk of the internet.

Do it Everywhere.  Step out of the little zen studio box you’re livin in. Yoga isn’t just taught in a studio or your local membership gym.  Get outside of your average box. You’re not the average yoga teacher, YOU have superstar potential!  Just think about the places you could teach; schools, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, schools, kiddo play places, dance schools, parks, beaches, country clubs! Everything in life is an option, if you make it. DO NOT FORGET about the man. Corporate Yoga will be the way of the future.  Wellness program is currently mandated by the Affordable Care Act (given the right side crazies don’t blow the whole fucking thing up).  Yoga is wellness and corporate yoga is the opportunity for further abundance.  So get your shit together, start drafting a proposal and sent it out!

Make a plan for 2014 so you can continue to do what you love and love what you do.

Need help with a corporate yoga proposal? I got your back.  We can jam this out. Just send me a message!

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Affordable Health Care + Yoga?!

Yoga studio owners and full time teachers have a number of things in common.  We’ve made our passion our profession and  in essence, we’re yoga evangelists – We will talk to whoever, whenever about how much we love yoga and how it absolutely will change your life. We’ve usually experienced some sort of emotional and/or physical breakthrough or transformation as a result of our asana practice.  We take our yoga off the mat and its teachings are an integral part of our spirituality. And most importantly, (for this post) using creativity to make ends meet is a way of life.

Today, I am not going to pontificate about the countless ways yoga has transformed my life so you too can nod in agreement and experience. For a moment, I am going to take my Yoga Evangelist hat off and slide on my attorney-business woman cap.  For those of you that didn’t realize, in addition to being a yoga evangelist, I am also an attorney with over 10 years experience business transactions and contract negotiations in healthcare, pharmaceutical drug development and academic research. Sounds impressive, right?  Well, honestly, it isn’t…but I do know a bit about healthcare policy and more specifically – the Affordable Care Act (“ACA” otherwise known as Obama Care).

I will not  go through a litany of reasons why the ACA is awesome sauce or why it sucks balls. It’s up to you to make your own determination. I am however going to tip you off on something beneficial for yoga studios and teachers; the Workplace Wellness ProgramThe ACA creates new incentives to promote employer wellness programs and encourage employers to take more opportunities to support healthier workplaces. It literally opens the preventative care door for yoga in the workplace.   Naysayers may cite the metrics, and standards for the reward as problematic, but as yoginis, we know that a consistent yoga + meditation practice can have specific and measurable results.  You and I both know that yoga reduces the number of “PC Load Letter” or “TPS Reports” meltdowns. Mesaurable health targets aside, yoga wellness programs typically provide a 5/1 ROI. That means that for every $1 spent on yoga programming, the return on investment is $5. For companies that are self-insured, it could mean a reduction of more than $200 per employee for health care costs.

According to a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Health Foundation, about 41 percent of U.S. companies with 200 or more workers offer some type of wellness program, and only 10 percent of smaller firms offer them. That means that 59% of BIG companies in your area and 90% of smaller companies are your potential students/clients.  This is more than making ends meet, this is potential abundance.  This is offering your gift of yoga to stressed out people that need it most.  This could change your bottom line and it will definitely change the life of the worker that nervously walks into their first yoga class with you.

Between now and January 2014, you should be busting your tight yoga booty to develop your corporate yoga offerings.  And I don’t mean thinking about it and maybe jotting down some numbers on a pink post it. I mean writing a professional corporate proposal (PDF) that can be submitted via email or hand delivered to an HR department.  Every yoga studio should have an “in studio” corporate yoga package ready to go.  Every yoga teacher should develop their own “on site” corporate proposal for “in house” or “on site” yoga.  This needs to be an essential part of your offerings.  Find a wellness buddy in your community, a nutritionist, a health coach, someone you can partner up with and start developing your corporate package. Make sure they’re polished by October and ready to be sent by November!

Next week I’ll give you 5 tips on what to include in your corporate yoga package that will have corporate offices begging you to teach at their office.  I’ll also   include some sizzling tips from a corporate wellness superstar!!

You’re here to change the world through yoga. I am here to help you do it with abundance.

Have questions? Need Help? Want to pick my grey matter? Email me. 🙂


I Deserve Abundance.

Abundance is our birthright. Often times we forget. We get stuck in the depression of the past or the anxiety of the future and we forget the beautiful present that is the present. When we do this, we lose our abundance. I’m not talking just career, money, success and things. I’m talking about the abundance of life. An abundance of friendship, love, beauty, creativity, FUN. An abundance of all things that make our inner light SHINE.

The Law of Giving By Belinda Paton

Fear is everywhere today. We’re immersed in it. We fear losing our jobs, our loved ones, our relationships, our stability. It’s hard to get away from, but it simply doesn’t serve us to live bogged down in fear, negativity, guilt or lack. Whenever I acknowledge I am having anxiety or fear over something in my life I realize that I am not coming from a place of abundance.

For example, recently a Yogi in the Jersey Shore yoga community announced they were coming out with a line of yoga inspired tees. Immediately my stomach knotted up and I felt fear and anxiety. What about LBG’s amazing line of INspired Tees. Our Spiral Collection is YOGA. What if he’s better than us? What if people like him more? The yoga community is one of our largest demographics! What if, what if, What if?!!!  Those questions, that anxiety, it was all coming from a place of lack not a place of abundance.  When we come from a place of abundance, we know and we’re assured that there is enough in the universe for everyone.  Now instead of feeling anxiety, I am excited to see his new line and I am happy that someone else is chasing their own bliss.

Learning to live in abundance can seem daunting at first, but it really becomes quite easy if you break it down into a few simple steps and practice them daily

Take Inventory. Make a list of the abundance you already have in your life and then get real about it. Do you really need 6 pairs of Lululemon Groove pants ($98 a pop) and 8 capris?  If you do, that’s ok, but think about how much more you have than others. Notice if the things you have/own/shop for are there for need or for gree

Identify Pitfalls. What are your negativity triggers? Is there a pattern to your fears and anxieties? If you can identify them you can steer away from fear a towards abundance.

Set Intentions. Goals are important. Big, fat, juicy, bodacious, amazing goals. Think about them on a daily or even hourly basis. Then take active steps towards achieving them.

Create Affirmations. The power of affirmations are amazing. If you haven’t heard of Louis Hay before, go learn about her now. I was first introduced to her affirmations when I was in IIN. Affirmations are empowering and will indeed change your life. Lately I’ve been writing them on my hands and posting them pretty much daily on the LBG Fanpage.

Be Grateful. Gratitude brings goodness to your life, period. There is always something to be grateful for, even in your darkest days, there’s always at least one thing. When you start noticing the things you’re grateful for, those things multiply, dare I say exponentially!

Learning to trust that the Universe has and will provide everything you want and need is scary. It takes practice to learn to think that way. Once you do, everything opens up. You will be amazed at the synchronicity of life. It will shock and awe you. Thankfully we don’t have to figure out why. Everyone in the world deserves to be abundant in all ways. You deserve abundance. I deserve abundance!