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The Art of the Twitter Bio

I've had a little obsession with reading Twitter bio's for quite a while now.  They are like a down-and-dirty amalgamation of your professional life a la LinkedIn and your dirty, rock-n-roll Myspace page 10 years ago minus the audio. They also lend some serious street cred to your humor, wit and online prowess.  But is… Continue reading The Art of the Twitter Bio

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No human rights, without women’s rights.

Thank you NJ Senator Lautenberg!!

United 4 Equality (U4E)

human rights FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Washington, DC – MAY 09, 2013

CONTACT: Carolyn Cook, Founder/CEO, United 4 Equality, LLC / 202-309-1963
For more information:

WASHINGTON, DC—Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Senator Mark Kirk )R-IL) today introduce legislation to remove the Congressionally-imposed deadline for ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The bill will be introduced today, May 09, 2013 to coincide with Mother’s Day celebrations across the country. The Equal Rights Amendment has been ratified by 35 of the 38 states necessary to become part of the U.S. Constitution, guaranteeing women equal treatment by federal and state laws and in the courts.

The original amendment debuted in 1923 in the US Congress without a time limit, introduced by Susan B. Anthony’s nephew, Daniel Anthony and Senator Curtis, both Republicans, as the “Lucretia Mott Amendment” after the woman who started the women’s suffrage movement. The amendment was introduced in every session of…

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Question Authority

The hubs and I went for a wog (somewhere between walking and jogging) this morning and I am on my second cup of coffee. I normally only have one, so bare with me... my wheels are spinning. I feel sick over the events that transpired this week. I'm emotionally traumatized over the wound that was… Continue reading Question Authority


Headline: Georgia Students Want To Hold The First Integrated Prom In Their High School’s History

Four students at Wilcox County High School in Georgia want to attend prom together — but under the current setup, they won’t be allowed to unless they throw their own. LINK I am sorry...but are you fucking kidding me? This is article is from the Onion, right?  It's 2013, not 1953. NEVER had an integrated Prom?  … Continue reading Headline: Georgia Students Want To Hold The First Integrated Prom In Their High School’s History