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The Dirty Details in Goal Setting

Ever heard the expression the devil's in the details?  Yeah. I have no idea what that really means, but in goal planning in order to be achievable, goals must be specific. How can you reach a goal when you're not sure exactly what it is? Goals need to be clear and as detailed as possible.… Continue reading The Dirty Details in Goal Setting

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Ready, Set, Goal

I can tell it's almost Thanksgiving, because my Facebook feed is filled with "Day 18 - I am grateful for purple monkeys and kombucha." [It's awesome to see people actively expressing gratitude, but how about everyday instead of just 30 days in November? Join the Spreading Gratitude group on Facebook and practice daily!]  The onslaught of Facebook… Continue reading Ready, Set, Goal

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In Yo Face Friday

It's Friday!  Time to get in yo face! Today I want to talk about rules. More importantly, breaking them. Now before you start running around  all willy-nilly  breaking rules for your own convenience, that's not what I'm talking about. Red lights are there for a reason and if you cut to the font of the Starbucks… Continue reading In Yo Face Friday

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Lessons in Life, Business and Yoga

There's something I've been meaning to open up about on here (and in life). Not only to get it out of my own system and release the energy, but because I know there are other people that have been there.  Acknowledging this is like trying to roll a bowling ball up a hill with your… Continue reading Lessons in Life, Business and Yoga

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Fired Up for Women

Today the Violence Against Women Act passed.  286 to 138. The 138 that voted against it were all Republicans. Remind me again how any woman can be a member of this party in its current form?  Come on Republicans! Take back your party from the right wing nut jobs. They are ruining it for you!… Continue reading Fired Up for Women