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Scanning, Dabbling and Changing the World…

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is more for my own brain dumping edification than for your entertainment.  Since early college, I wanted to work in/run a non-profit organization. I majored in political communication/campaign management an minored in women's studies with that intent. I fell in love with Marian Wright Eddleman, Gloria Steinem and Sarah Weddington.  I… Continue reading Scanning, Dabbling and Changing the World…

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Happy Earth Day, go hug a tree!

Happy Earth Day, Pretties! I hope each and every one of you are taking the time today to get out side, hug a tree, reduce your carbon foot-print, recycle and give homage to Mother Earth!  I just read a Cherokee proverb on Facebook this morning it said Walk gently in spring, Mother Earth is pregnant. Beautiful,… Continue reading Happy Earth Day, go hug a tree!

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Touching the Button

I "hike" 3-4 times a week with Stella. We usually wander through Hartsorne Woods or Huber Woods. It's nice to be on the trails in the woods, meandering up and down little hills, watching the chipmunks scamper around. H&H Woods are both within 4 miles of our home, making them extra convenient.  I'll be honest… Continue reading Touching the Button