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SpiritStyle Color Take Two

I’ve been sitting with the color thing for a day or so.  There’s such a struggle between what feels cozy and good on my skin and what I surround myself with.

this is cozy and good on my skin. cvetovaya-palitra-1534


This is what I surround myself with: cvetovaya-palitra-1775


When I shared my color post with @funkybrewvino, my Soul Sister from another mister who is undoubtedly Turquoise/Aqua.  She dug in deeper and found this.  Mind. Quite literally blown.  It was eerily spot on for her so I looked at it for me. Pink did not work. Not even a little bit. Gold and brown, not really so much either. But Magenta. Hello lover. Magenta is Terra personified.

Positive keywords include: universal harmony and love, emotional balance, helps our spirit soar, spiritual yet practical, encourages common sense, loving, compassionate, supportive and kind, imaginative, innovative, creative and artistic, non-conformist, negotiator.


Negative keywords include: impulsive, domineering, impatient, intolerant, avoids challenges, too relaxing, feeling disconnected to others, can be bossy and demanding.

The Color Magenta Represents:

Universal harmony: at its highest level it generates love, caring, kindness and cooperation, encouraging a balanced and harmonious outlook on life.

Non-conformist: the color of the free spirit, it does not like to be confined and contained.

Change and Transformation: helps to release old and outdated patterns of behavior to inspire growth and personal development.

I mean, have you met me?

I still don’t quite feel like I need to wear it – anywhere except my lips  – but the psychology of magenta does indeed explain why I am so drawn to it and why it is the anchor color of my apartment. I never quite realized it was the anchor color until I started looking around,…and them BOOM it’s in every. single. room.

Getting closer


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