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The Color of my Life #SpiritStyle 2

It’s not always easy to define yourself by color.  The ability to tap into exactly what looks, feels and even smells like you is a challenge. Two of my 5 soul sisters are defined by color. I cannot see or think of Tatum without Caribbean turquoise blue. And Jillian? All I see is purple, purple.

I’ve always had an affinity for pink. Not the sticky sweet, bubble gum pink…. but rich, creamy mauve. The pinks that turn slowly to fig, burgundy, brown, and cream. Is that dusty rose? I don’t know.  It’s the color that feels best on my lips. It makes me feel cozy and at home. Sensual.



When I look at these palettes above and I just see home. I see me. I see ease.  It’s time to embrace my variation of pink. To slip into sensual. Slip into comfort. Slip in to me.  Soften my edges. Find my spiritstyle. I am mauve, dusty rose and fig. I am rich golds, browns and creams.

For a long time I’ve denied my pink side. Too girly. Too feminine. I was tom boy. Athlete. Independent. Feminist. Fierce.  I chose bright, brash colors and black to match my loud mouth and opinions. Orange. Fuchsia. Aqua. Black. The vibrant colors serve a purpose in my life. They’re fun. They’re sassy. They accent.

But they don’t quite fit me entirely.  As with all aspects of my life, I am never really just one thing.  I am duality and dichotomy.

My puzzle pieces of Nurturing, Sensual and Emotional falls into my dusty rose.

The puzzle pieces of Empowered, Audacious and Divine clearly fall into my bright, sassy Fuchsia.  These are the colors that fill my home.  The ones that make me giggle and want to drink champagne until sunrise. Instead of forgetting or denying hervibrancy, I accent with her. She is bold and fuchsia and orange.


And every so often, she has the blues.


So with this, in finding my spiritstyle, I will embrace the dusty rose of my light and the fuchsia of my dark.


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