There’s a fork in the blogging road.

There’s a bunch of stuff that I have been meaning to write about, but haven’t found the time words. I really want to talk about how I broke up with yoga in 2012, but I am just not there yet. Perhaps next week. We have a first date scheduled.  I miss my mat. Perhaps I will be graced with all the loveliness of a first kiss and it will begin to flow.

I want to write about school. The excitement, the anxiety, the inability to narrow down my research focus. Politics. Campaigns. Modern EcoFeminism. Environmental Communications. Equality. Women’s Rights. Environmental Justice. Social Justice. Activist Rhetoric. Branding for Campaigns. How the hell do I weave this tapestry together?

I want to write about conception and pregnancy, without my Health Coach hat on. It’s ridiculously personal. Do I want it on this blog?  Do I use this blog to talk about finding inner peace, being healthy, getting bendy and getting politically active? A how-to of sorts? Am I a seasoned guide and teacher or am I as much of a student as anyone else? Judgement.  (that first date really can’t come soon enough!)

I want to write about the projects and crafts that I am working on. But I’m not working on them. I am a crafting, DIY rock star….in my mind. I have most the knowledge. A lot of the tools. A good amount of ideas (not even swiped from Pintrest), yet none of the follow through.  I blame most of it not on the lack of hours in the day, but the lack of craft space and clutter in our apartment….which leads me to the next topic.

I want to write about home renovations. YUP! We’re buying a house! It’s nauseating and dizzying and exhilarating all at the same time. We’re scheduled to close February 14th. Happy Valentines day to us! But there’s still one outstanding matter that needs to be resolved for our underwriter to sign off. (It could ruin it all. It’s related to my prior business, and I am infuriated about it so I am definitely NOT blogging about it right now).

I keep telling myself when I have more space and less clutter (and we’re not living out of boxes) I will have more time to learn, create, write, grow.

If there’s more time, what do I write about? Is is this blog personal? Is it educational? Is it business of some variety?

Do I talk about yoga? Environmental Politics?  Feminism? Picking, interior design and home renovations?  Does it have to be any one thing?

I certainly hope not. As a scanner, I will never be able to stick to any one thing. It’s the curse of the disturbingly curious mind.

One response to “There’s a fork in the blogging road.”

  1. Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award because I absolutely love reading what you have to write about. Your blog is so fantastic and I look forward to reading it more often! I hope you have a fantastic week! 🙂


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