Friday’s Pintresting Things…

This blog has had a heck of an evolution…. personal to health coach to fertility to yoga to wedding to health coach to yoga to life coach to crazy crafter to whatever happens to be be running through my mind at the moment. Most of the successful blogs I come across or subscribe to stay pretty much on topic.  It’s hard for a Scanner to stay on topic in relation to the rest of the non-Scanner world. It’s like adult project ADD.

I’ve given up on trying to keep this blog on topic.  This blog is really just me. Some days I want to be a wedding planner. Some days I want to make my own furniture. Some days I want to be an academic scholar. Some days I want to run a marketing company.  I’m always a tree hugger. I am always a politics junkie.  I’m always and Adirondack mountain girl caught up on the Jersey Shore. Little bit hippie. Little bit glam.

Lately, my brain has been occupied with phd programs, home buying, nesting, environmental politics, feminism, upcycling and of course, all things burlap.  It has been two years since I started planning our wedding and I am still obsessed with all things burlap and lace.  I love the contrast. The rough and the dainty. The sturdy and the delicate.  It’s a exactly like an Adirondack Jersey Girl. Two opposites, blending together to make something unique and awesome.

I have a few Burlap & Lace projects up my sleeve. I ordered a new ream of burlap and I still have a significant amount of vintage lace left over from the wedding (not to mention the doilies!). Here are some Pintresting things I plan on getting to…now that I’m not running a business. 🙂

First is the burlap wreath. This project I need to get done this weekend if I plan on putting the wreath to use for the Christmas season!

burlap monogram wreath

Second, a burlap Christmas tree!  This is going to look so cute by our entertainment center. I just pray that Stella doesn’t try to eat it!

DIY Burlap Christmas Tree
DIY Burlap Christmas Tree

And last by not least, the Doiley Table Runner. I have been meaning to do this since Hubby and I got married.  Throughout our wedding planning process, I became vintage/antique obsessed. I knew I always had it in my, I think it’s genetic, but planning a wedding truly brought it to the surface.  I started collecting ball jars, carnival glass, lace scraps, boxes and crates and of course hand crocheted doilies. I collected close to 100 vintage doilies. Most of them are white, ecru, cream or tea dyed, but there are a few blue, orange and pink ones as well.  Currently, they’re tucked neatly away in a box in my father’s garage…that’s a pretty pitiful place for them to be! I finally went to the LBG offices to pick up my sewing machine so after December 20th, there’s no excuses left!  I should be able to make at least 10 table runners with what I have. I will be able to gift them or revive my shop and sell them!

Wedding Doilies
Wedding Doily Table Runner

I also plan on making some burlap and lace bunting/garland. If I get it done in time, it will go on the tree. If I don’t, I’ll find someplace else fabulous to display it.

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