The Politics of Facebook Memes.

This morning I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a post that made me sit back and think. Oftentimes I find myself on Facebook clicking “likes” without really opining on the words. Usually it’s just a pretty picture.  Perhaps it was the dirty chai or listening to Sirius POTUS (somewhat  crushing on, addicted to and obsessing over Pete Dominick these days, don’t tell my husband) during my hour long commute, but today I stopped and actually thought about the words. And for the first time in quite a while, I wished there were a dislike button for Facebook.  While I don’t want to perpetuate the message of this meme/picture. I do think it’s important to post it to understand why it made me pause, and then disagree. It was originally posted by a 17-year old Philippine girl and then re-posted by the Fanpage of  a women-owned small business,  the call to action “click like if you agree

Click like if you DISAGREE.

At first blush, I was like oooh yeah, Chick Power Meme, Like!  Then I read it again.  And again. And came to one conclusion.


I do not want to look like a girl. I am a 38 year old woman.  I like looking like a woman. I do not fit into the media-perpetuated rail thin, boy like version of beauty.  I have voluptuous breasts and a soft buddha belly. I am confident in who and what I am. When I did look like a girl (because I was in fact, a girl) I had little confidence and loathed my growing breasts. It took over 15 years of yoga to correct the posture that tried so hard to hide them.  I will not regress back to that.

I do not want to act like a lady. There is a time and a place for lady-like, however in my outspoken, sometimes crass, never demure,  occasionally immature opinion it certainly isn’t 100% of the time.  I think this is where my Adirondack heritage, sprinkled with a little NOLA and San Fran shines. Usually when I cross my legs, its in easy sitting pose, shoes off.  Even in public places (restaurants!!). My lady friends south of the Mason Dixon line would be appalled. Hell, women I adore and respect, in heels and lipstick may be appalled. Acting lady like, feels like you’re trying to put me in a box of what I can and cannot be.  There’s a certain undertone that wants to drag me back to 1950. Aside from the amazing vintage Airstreams and stellar coifs, I won’t have it.  If I had been a voting adult in the 70s I would have burned my bra and tattooed ‘ERA’  on my ass (or better yet, my forearm, so people could actually see it). I am firmly planted in the Clair McCaskill camp. Remember, well behaved women rarely make history. Eleanor, you’re a rock-star.  Meow. (brazen ‘wildcat’ reference).

I do NOT want to think like a man.  I mean, really. This is self explanatory, right?? If not, please comment below and I will happily update an entire blog post on why I am completely satisfied and utterly delighted to think like a human being who has their reproductive attributes on the inside.

I don’t really want to work like a boss.  Ok, this one really made me pause. (Mostly because They Might Be Giants were dancing like a marching band through my head).  I don’t want to be bossed around. Being bossed around sucks. We all have bossy friends and really, they’re jerks, right? We don’t honestly like them. I can say this because I used to be one.  I was one of the bossy girls in high school and I’ve worked hard on evolving out of that. Creative intellects that effect change and make a difference are not bossy.  Yes, there is of course a semantic distinction between work and act, but this is a short, sweet Facebook Meme, designed to evoke emotion. The emotion that “work like a boss” evokes from me is not positive. I picture a starched uncomfortable suit, vagina suffocating panty hose, hair perfectly coiffed into a bun and sharp, manicured red nails pointing to a spreadsheet one of my minions is looking at, barking about how they just didn’t get it right.  My brain went to an ugly place.  Maybe it’s my bossy roots.  I don’t want to work like a boss. I want to work like a visionary. A innovator. A creative. A designer, creative, founder, maker, mover, changer and shaker.  The thing about working like that, you need a team of amazing to do it.

Lotus Mantra – I AM ME Collection

Listen, I am this weird breed of a 3rd wave feminist. I think our mom’s got it wrong when they said we could be a CEO and a mommy at the same time. I want to shatter the glass ceiling that to this day holds us back? YES. I think I can be a CEO. I think I can be a mommy. I think I can be anything I want to be. I don’t subscribe to the SCUM Manifesto.  I value and appreciate the male perspective.  But I don’t want to be a man. I don’t want to be compared to a man. I don’t want to be held to some arbitrary standard of what a woman should be; ladylike, soft spoken, what the hell ever.

I just want to be me. Through and through.

I want to live from the IN-Side Out.

I want to cultivate.

I want to Live. Breathe. Grow. into who I am meant to be.

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