More Than Enough

TGIF INspiration Nation!

TGI Friday Yoga Posse!

Man this week has been crazy for me. My precious business partner in life and crime gallivanted off to Jamaica with her hubby leaving me to hold down the LBG fort. Piece of cake. No biggie, right? WRONG. Not when you’re rockin a 103.5 fever! It hit me liks a ton of bricks. Productivity came to a screeching halt. Ok, it really didn’t come to a screeching halt, I got stuff done (always do) but it didn’t feel like enough.

All day on Thursday I was a frenzied mess, frustrated that X, Y and Z never happened. Then I had a little coaching call with my Life Coaching buddy Lori and after 30 minutes, I could literally feel my chest expanding and the tension and anxiety leaving my body.

This morning was a fresh new day. I started my morning by tying up loose ends while watching the sun rise. I was catching up on emails and reading Facebook RHH B-School Group postings. Someone in the B-School Group happened to repost Marie Forleo’s Q& A Tuesday from literally a year ago. May 31, 2011.

A year later. I could say that Marie is some brilliant psychic that knew exactly what I would need a mere 365 days later (February was a leap year, right?). Ok, I wont go over board, she’s not psychic. But she did give me the spoonful of medicine that I so desparately needed. My coaching session the night before alleviated the stress I was feeling and Marie’s little reminder made me feel like I could take it all on again. It probably also helped that I am finally feeling close to 100%!

On my drive to the office, instead of turning on NPR (which has recently become a bad habit), I plugged in my Ipod and hit shuffle. Mother Love Bone>Led Zepplin>Liz Phair>Phish>Biggie Smalls>Phish>Jurrasic 5>Phish.

Yeah, it’s a good Friday.

Moral #1 of the story: YOU are ENOUGH! You’re not lazy. You’re not a slacker. You didn’t procrastinate. At a bare minimum, you are enough. In reality, you’re more than enough. You are fabulous.

Moral #2 of the story. It takes a VILLAGE. You have to surround yourself with an amazing team of cheerleaders. Your own tribe of possibility mavens, bliss purveyors and visionaries. Beings that can remind you not only how amazing you are but how much you are rockin it and making a difference.

Moral # 3 of the story. You might be superwoman. You may rock a cape. But YOU are NOT invincible. It doesn’t matter if your other half is away (no offense Hubs, she IS my non-romantic other half!), you still need to take the time for self care, and if that means serious down time, than do it! Your to-do list will still be there in the morning!

Say it out loud, inbetween songs, while rockin out to the best DJ in the world, your iPod shuffle:

I am more than enough, I am FABULOUS!

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