Do You Want to Be a Popular Yoga Teacher?

Wonderful insight on being a good yoga teacher and/or a popular yoga teacher from my online blogger yogini friend, Nikki Wong.

Do You Want to Be a Popular Yoga Teacher?.

It’s definitely thought provoking.  I personally gave up the popularity contests some time around my junior year in high school (then re-learned that less yet again, my junior year in college!).

Personally, I never thought I would be, and never really wanted to be a celebriyogi. There’s a lot of judgement that comes with teaching yoga, let alone a celebriyogi. Judgement from your students, the industry, your peers.  There’s no popularity contest on living your yoga, but there certainly can be on perfecting your asana. Oh the irony, right?   That’s a soapbox I choose not to step upon right now.  I’m just reblogging because (as usual) Nikki offered a very poignant post.  Thanks for making us think, Nik! xoxo

oh and if you’re so inclined, you should totally vote for Nikki to teach at Wanderlust.

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