Pregnancy Awareness Month

You guys know I’m a Doula, right? You know prior to Live. Breathe. Grow. I used to work directly with women.  Women wanting to get healthy for baby making, women with buns in the oven, and postpartum mommies wanting to get back into shape.  I taught natural family planning and fertility awareness in my Fertility Diva series.  And I taught fertility yoga, prenatal yoga and mommy and me yoga.  (That’s a lot of baby making for someone whose only baby is a 90lb great dane puppy!)  I still do some “baby making” health coaching on the sly, but not very often!

Well, if you didn’t now you do. Why am I asking you if you know these things about me??? Well, it’s basically a LONG winded way of saying I am in awe of pregnancy.The ability that we, as women have to create life is crazy amazing. One day I hope to experience it personally. It has been a while since I have done anything fertility, pregnancy, baby belly related and I was just reminded (literally 15 minutes ago) that MAY is Pregnancy Awareness Month.  I can’t not do anything for Pregnancy Awareness Month!  I HAVE to squeak in a few informative articles!

Soooooooo salt and peppered through my normal musings this month I will be posting a three-part series on Food and Fertility as well as a couple of other prenatal and pregnancy gems.  If you want something specific, just drop a comment. Otherwise I will be digging into the 3 Healthy Chick archives.

Anyone have taco and margarita plans for Saturday??

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