The Juicy Truth

I can’t say I’ve ever re-blogged a blog or an article before, but this one…well I just can’t help myself. I wish I would have written this myself. Over the past two weeks life has been too busy to pontificate over yoga, spiritual growth and enlightened pretension. I’m struggling with trying to figure out my schedule and how I squeak everything within my waking hours. I’ll get it right soon… Between now and then…here’s a few exerts from article by Michelle Dawson.

“My Truthiest and Juiciest Truth is This: I teach to learn. And while I may no longer fall down in hand stand, I fall from grace all the time and my Ego is constantly getting in my own way. Surrendering the fruits of my actions and offering my class as an act of selfless service helps keep me humble… most of the time.

I still don’t have it all figured out. There is no formal training that can prepare a person to become a Yoga teacher. We are always becoming.

Truthiest Truth: A Yoga teacher is just as human as you are. They eat junk food, fight with their lover and they may be confused by love or the lack thereof. They have dark thoughts and depressed moments that no mantra can cure, and may sometimes go three whole days without doing one sun salutation.”

It has been 5 whole days since I did my last sun salutation. My body is screaming at me for it. Sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day for the past 4 days is making my hips hurt. My incessantly tight hamstrings are continuing to tighten as the minutes roll by waiting for five o’clock.

My juiciest truth? I’m imperfect and constantly trying to figure it all out. This past week I have been reminded of the tug of war between my essence (creative, fempreneuer, bliss chaser) and my responsibility (job security, 9-5, stability).  It’s funny that I’m in this tug of war…I’ve been here before and ironically, I’ve coached many women in similar situations. They are among my favorite (if I can play favorites) and most successful clients. It’s time to dig in, organize, evaluate and set up another game plan to chase my bliss. And it might just be the right time to reach out to some former clients for support!

Make sure you go read Michelle’s whole article on Elephant Journal.

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