The Wonders of Maca: The Peruvian Ginseng

Maca Root: the Peruvian Ginseng

Maca, the superfood of the Incas has been around for at least 10,000 years. It’s a radish like root vegetable grown in the mineral rich volcanic soil in the Peruvian mountains. While people in the US recently discovered the power of the maca root, it has been used by the Inca people and their herds for thousands of years to combat stress and thrive in higher altitudes.

Maca is a well known endocrine modulator, or an endocrine adaptogen, which works on the pituitary through the hypothalamus, communicating with all the glands of the whole endocrine system.

Maca is super-charged with over 60 micronutrients. It’s 40% potassium and 10% calcium. It’s high in phosphorus, magnesium, silica and zinc. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B12, B1, 2 and 3. It hast 18 amino acids and 20 fatty acids, so it just may be the strongest root on earth without natural stimulants. Maca also contains important hormonal precursors and sterols proven to assist the human body in a number of ways including boosting your energy and mood!

Maca’s hormone balancing properties can boost your libido, sooth menopausal symptoms, increase sperm cell production, improve testosterone levels and eradicate symptoms of impotency.Some may not enjoy the taste of maca on its own, but it’s pretty easy to incorporate it into your diet. Simply mix maca powdered root into any of your favorite drinks or food. You can buy maca from any of your favorite natural foods stores including Whole Foods, Deans Natural Foods and Nature’s Corner.

Because maca increases libido and fertility, it’s fabulous for preconception health. Maca stimulates graffian folicals– (stimulates fertility) by controlling estrogen. Levels that are high or low at the wrong time either keep a woman from becoming pregnant or keep her from carrying to term. If you are interested in using maca for preconception health I suggest talking to you doctor and finding out your progesterone levels.

Super Maca Smoothie
2 Tablespoons of Maca Power
1/2 Cup – Milk [rice, almond, oat, hemp, soy or dairy]
1 Tbsp. – Almond or Peanut Butter
4 Dates
4 Ounces – Plain or Vanilla Yogurt
1 Tsp. – Bee Pollen
1/2 Tsp. – Cinnamon

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  1. ginseng is great because it can enhance the brains memory. Ginseng is also an adaptogenic herb which can reduce stress. “,””‘

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