Shine like the Sun!

Today’s hand mantra was inspired by the INCREDIBLE weather we’re having here in NJ.

Confidence is Radiance!

I was sitting at my computer this morning thinking about what makes someone or something attractive. What attracts me to a yoga teacher a business coach, a life partner? Underneath the exterior, it’s always the same thing. Radiance.  The inner-glowing that comes from the confidence of knowing who you are. Being solid in the foundation of who you are and not compromising who you are for what someone else or society thinks you should be.

Everyone has that radiance inside of them, it’s just not always easy to let it shine. We often we get caught up in ego. Our ego tells us we’re not good enough. In yoga, these afflictions of the mind are called kleshas and they’re the five reasons we get distracted from who we actually are, divine beings.

My message today: Confidence is Radiance, Shine like the sun! is there to remind me that I am a divine being. When I have the confidence to radiate my inner light, it will spread far and wide and touch everyone I come into contact with. It becomes a little ripple-effect of goodness. Today I am remembering to SHINE.

Shine on! 

FOOT NOTE: I just found out that Confidence is Radiance is a brand of nursing bra! Interesting business name choice. I wonder why they chose it? Any hot mamas out there have any ideas?

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